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Week 1 Meeting people

Quiz 1

1、Which of the following words is not a name of occupation?

2、Man: What do they do? Woman: ___________.
    A、They are flight attendants.
    B、They are from Japan.
    C、They like music.
    D、They are quite busy on weekends.

3、Woman: What’s your family name? Man: Groban. Woman: Groban? ___________. Man: G-R-O-B-A-N Woman: And your given name?
    A、And your given name?
    B、How do you spell that?
    C、Nice to meet you.
    D、It’s a weird name.

4、In his junior year, Gates ______ Harvard to devote his energies to Microsoft.
    A、stopped off
    B、gave in
    C、dropped out of
    D、pulled up

5、When ZHANG XIN fills in a _____ information form in English, he writes YIN in the box for first name and ZHANG in the box for last name.

6、To _____ confusion in the football games, the two teams will wear different colors.

7、In addition to his _____ for computers, Tom is interested in biotechnology.

8、In China and in many Asian countries, family name comes first.

9、My teacher’s name is Ellen Clark. Ellen is his nickname.

10、Tiger was born in America. From this statement we can know about Tiger’s nationality.

Week 2 Leisure time activities

Quiz 2

1、—Are you free on Friday? A new sci-fi film is on at the Cinema. —Really? _______, but I’m busy on Friday.
    A、I don’t feel like it
    B、I had better go
    C、That’s not my style
    D、I’d love to go

2、If you want to go to the theater, you’ll have to make a ______, or there will be no tickets.

3、The children were all ______ when Mother told them stories.

4、On rainy afternoons I’m always in the ______ for a good book.

5、Mary was a good student, a championship athlete, and ______.
    A、as a loyal friend
    B、she was loyal
    C、a loyal friend
    D、being loyal

6、Mary was short and plump, ______ her mother who was tall and willowy.
    A、in harmony with
    B、in contrast to
    C、in relation to
    D、in case of

7、About 10 musicians were performing instrumental music in the ______ concert.

8、If you are very interested in something, you can probably say “I’m really into it.”

9、If something is like music to your ears, it must be very pleasant to hear.

10、The moon-landing mission has been hailed as an unprecedented success. The underlined word “unprecedented” probably means “unknown”.

Week 3 Talking about families

Quiz 3

1、The Australian couple ______ six children between 1991 and 1998.

2、Although they are ______ twins, Linda and Beth are different in some ways.

3、My brother and I both enjoy sports and are very healthy. Besides, we are ______ in many other ways.

4、A recent online ______ found that 61 per cent of college seniors intend to move home for some time following graduation.

5、On November 18, 1997, Bobbi gave ______ to septuplets — three daughters and four sons.

6、House-sharing can bring problems of ______ with others’ living habits.
    A、putting forward
    B、putting off
    C、putting up
    D、putting aside

7、Woman: ________________________________ Man: I have two older brothers and a younger sister.
    A、What do your parents do?
    B、Are you married?
    C、What do you want to know?
    D、Tell me something about your family.

8、Linda’s uncle has two children. They are Linda’s nephews.

9、My wife’s parents are my in-laws.

10、Steve has only one brother, so he is an only child.

Writing assignment 1

1、You should write at least 100 words, and your composition should include the following facts: 1. 介绍你的家庭成员 2. 描述家庭成员间的异同 3. 你对家人的期望

Week 4 Coping with technology

Quiz 4

1、—Hello, I’m looking for a printer. Any suggestions? —______ this one? It’s on sale now.
    A、How come
    B、What about
    C、What for
    D、If only

2、—My cell phone is driving me crazy! It keeps turning off and on. —______. Maybe you should have it checked, or just return it.
    A、I’m sorry to hear that
    B、That’s all right
    C、It depends
    D、No big deal

3、The medicine is made up of natural ingredients and ______ for safe use even for kids.

4、This device is ______; it’s so small and light, and you can carry it anywhere!

5、It is politely requested by the hotel management that radios ______ after 11 o’clock at night.
    A、not to play
    B、were not played
    C、not be played
    D、were not playing

6、If you are not happy with our product, just return it and we will refund your money. The underlined word “refund” is closest in meaning to ______.
    A、bring … forward
    B、send … away
    C、put … aside
    D、give … back

7、The sink in my bathroom is clogged and there’s water all over the floor. I need to call the ______ right away.

8、If a machine is of poor quality, it can probably be called a lemon.

9、You can use a scanner to quickly copy documents or pictures onto paper.

10、If a CD, film, or play is a big hit, it is not popular but suffers a huge failure.

Week 5 Food and health

Quiz 5

1、They lost their way in the forest, and _____ made matters worse was that night began to fall.

2、You wonder whether you could pay the bill with your credit card. What would you say to the waiter?
    A、Can I have the bill, please?
    B、Do you accept plastic?
    C、We’ll take the check, please.
    D、Is the tip included?

3、Cut down on portion size so you don’t eat too much. Eat everything in ______.

4、The survey also found that many people ______ romance with home-cooked, candlelit dinners with their partners.

5、When people move to America, they bring their cooking styles with them. That is why you can find almost every kind of ______ food inAmerica.

6、Like any large country, the USA has several ______ regions and each region boasts its own special style of food.

7、“A hot potato” refers to _______.
    A、an important person in a small community
    B、a person who does not have any interesting hobbies
    C、the kind of person that you like
    D、sensitive matter that is difficult to deal with

8、Clam is a kind of dairy product.

9、Pepper tastes spicy.

10、On the restaurant menus, we can find the chefs’ names.

Week 6 Keeping fit

Quiz 6

1、—______? —Hmmm…it’s hard to say. I like golf a lot, but I guess I like tennis better.
    A、Are you a fan of sports
    B、How much do you like sports
    C、Do you play much sport
    D、What’s your favorite sport

2、The sports facilities in the University include a gym, a sports arena, a swimming pool and four tennis ______.

3、—Where are you ______ to? —The park. I need some fresh air.

4、As a mother of four kids, Naomi has little time for exercises. She even ______ goes for walks.
    A、hardly ever

5、The failure to get the job he wanted made him feel very ______.

6、Features such as height, weight and skin color ______ from person to person.

7、Mark is always talking about his big plans to be a great writer. You should tell him to ______ and work hard from the beginning.
    A、keep his eyes open
    B、keep his feet on the ground
    C、keep his head down
    D、keep his fingers crossed

8、Susan has a sweet tooth, so she is not very crazy about things like chocolate, candy, cake and ice cream.

9、Many of us jog or swim or hit the gym in an attempt to keep fit. The underlined phrase “keep fit” probably means “stay healthy”.

10、A couch potato is someone who does little exercise and spends a lot of time watching television.

Week 7 Dressing properly

Quiz 7

1、Children usually wear ______ to sleep.
    C、a windbreaker

2、Which of the following clothes is appropriate to wear in the office?
    D、athletic wear

3、I could only afford to buy the cheaper digital camera, because I have to cut my ______ according to my cloth.

4、Do you think you could gift ______ these toys for me? They’re a present for my daughter.

5、London is the final _______ of their travel.

6、How you dress yourself at work does influence how you are ______ in professional terms.

7、An ______ silk dress made Diana the most attractive woman at the party.

8、It is considered disrespectful to wear open shoes at Thailand’s magnificent temples.

9、In Egypt women should always wear longer skirts and a head covering.

10、To buy belts on a shopping website, we should click the department of bags and accessories.

Writing assignment 2

1、You should write at least 100 words, and your composition should include the following facts: 1. 你喜欢什么样的穿着 2. 你认为什么是穿着得体 3. 如何做到穿着得体

Week 8 Travelling

Quiz 8

1、—Hi, welcome back! ______ to the Grand Canyon? —Amazing. The Canyon was truly a masterpiece. I loved the view!
    A、How was your trip
    B、Did you take a trip
    C、What about taking a trip
    D、What was your favorite trip

2、My drive to the farm was terrible. The road was ______ and rough the whole way.

3、—Susan, you must be ______ after your long trip from Canada. —Yes, it was quite a long flight. I’m glad to finally get back.

4、—Are you finished packing yet? Do you need a hand? —______
    A、Thanks, but I can manage it myself.
    B、Not yet. I’m fine.
    C、Not to worry, I’m on my own.
    D、Wait a minute. I’ll finish it soon.

5、During my trip to Bhutan, I was most impressed by the ______ mountains and friendly people there.

6、______ the opportunity, Adam might well have become an outstanding engineer.
    C、To give
    D、Having given

7、The nature ______ in the east Dongting Lake is home to more than 200 species of birds.

8、My vacation in Greece was incredible. That is, I hardly believed that I took a vacation in Greece.

9、She is in a dilemma whether to stay at school or get a job, which means she can hardly make up her mind.

10、Before the travel, you’d better have your accommodation arranged. That is, you have to book your flights in advance.

Week 9 Taking transportation

Quiz 9

1、The flight is ______. I think I’m going to volunteer to take a later flight.

2、If a flight is oversold, passengers without seat assignments are usually at the risk of ______ boarding.
    B、being denying
    C、being denied

3、The airlines apologized for the ______ you experienced due to the delay.

4、When it was our turn to ______ the plane, an agent told us no one else was getting on that plane because they were overweight.

5、With a few ______, people can stop the spread of the virus.

6、Woman: I’m sorry, you missed the express. Man: Oh, no! Well, can I still make the ______?
    B、non-stop flight
    C、round-trip ticket
    D、direct flight

7、Woman: ______ Man: No, I’m sorry. It left five minutes ago.
    A、One way or round trip?
    B、Can we get a rental car?
    C、I’m looking for the departure gate.
    D、Can we make the two o’clock train to Seoul?

8、Take a window seat if you need to stretch your legs during the flight.

9、Passengers with boarding passes should pass security and proceed to the gate.

10、Passengers on a cruise tend to get airsick if it is stormy.

Week 10 Shopping smart

Quiz 10

1、This nice digital camera cost less than 300 dollars. It’s just in my price ______.

2、—This teapot is nice, but a little expensive. ______? —How about 10% off? That’s the best I can offer.
    A、Do you have anything cheaper
    B、Can you give me a discount
    C、How much can you afford
    D、Which is the least expensive

3、—Do you know if Linda is willing to take charge of the program? —______, does it?
    A、It doesn’t make sense
    B、It counts for nothing
    C、It doesn’t hurt to ask
    D、It takes no time

4、—Hello, I’m looking for a digital camera. —You can have a broad choice here. Are you looking for any particular brand? —______. Which one is the best?
    A、Not really
    B、Not necessarily
    C、Not always
    D、Not any more

5、In Australia, it is ______ to round off the fare to tip taxi drivers.

6、The sale usually takes place outside the house, with the audience ______ on benches, chairs or boxes.
    A、having seated
    D、was seated

7、The recent years have witnessed that online shopping can be convenient, time-efficient and equally ______ compared to the traditional shopping.

8、David paid $2,000 for a fake painting. It was a complete bargain!

9、If you’d like to change your money to a foreign currency, you should know the exchange rate.

10、When visiting another country, it is advisable that consumers follow the local tipping customs.


1、This speaker has an impressively ________ range of interests and experience.

2、We’ve decided to ________ with the employers about our wage demand.

3、Research shows that there is no ________ relationship between how much a person earns and whether he feels good about life.

4、As you have seen, the value of a nation’s currency is a _________ of its economy.

5、Nowadays the TV plays seldom live up to people’s ________.

6、Features such as height, weight and skin color ________ from person to person.

7、Would you mind turning your radio down? I can’t ________ on my work with the noise.

8、Mrs. Wang spent an _______ amount of money on the camera yesterday.

9、My little sister is still ________ with a knife and fork and drops food at each meal.

10、As we can wait no longer for the delivery of your order, we have to ________ it.

11、The film star has a(n) ________ car in addition to a large house.

12、A ________ shopping center usually has a supermarket, a department store, a drug store and many specialty stores.

13、Daddy’s advice has helped me at many _______ times when I’ve encountered trouble and difficulties.

14、Linda is a very ________ secretary: she never forgets anything or makes a mistake.

15、You didn’t say you were present on the scene, but your words _________ that you were.