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1、Miguel’s grandfather was a .
    B、shoe maker

2、You keep secrets from your own family? Here ‘keep secrets from’的意思是:( )。

3、I thought I lost you.( )

4、I wish I could apologize.( )

5、Miguel认作 “曾曾祖父”的音乐界传奇歌手Ernesto de la Cruz的原型来自于墨西哥歌手、演员 。
    A、Miguel Cruz
    B、Pedro Cruz


1、‘The lion's share’ in this part means: 。

2、And what's worse, you put Nala in ________. 而且更糟的是,你让娜娜有生命危险。

3、I know what I have to do, but going back means I'll have to face my past. Simba说这句话的意思表明( )。

4、When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world. 意思是: 如果这个世界对你不理不睬,你也可以这样对他。Scar的朋友用这句话来劝他忘掉过去的不愉快,勇于面对未来的生活。( )

5、We are all connected in the great circle of life. 意思是:在这个生命圈里面都是互相有关联的。( )


1、In the movie, Ellie said: ‘cross your heart.’ Here ‘cross your heart’ means ________.

2、Why did Charles Muntz want to kill Carl?
    A、He wanted to get Kevin.
    B、He wanted to get the dog.

3、The real dream of Ellie is .
    A、Go to the Paradise Falls
    B、Stay together with Carl

4、《飞屋环游记》的制作团队将电影场景设定于神秘而多彩的南美洲。( )

5、Ellie wanted to park it right next to the falls.是说想把把车停在瀑布旁边。( )


1、Moana’s Father said, ‘No one goes beyond the reef!’ Why?( )
    A、Because he thinks it is dangerous.
    B、Because he thinks it is useless.

2、In the movie, Moana said, ‘We were voyagers!’ 意思是:( )

3、Because it saw someone who is worthy of being saved. 这里的worthy of being saved意为( )。

4、In the movie, the name Moana means( ).

5、What may come, I know the way! 意思是:不论在前行的路上遇到什么,我依然知道自己的路在哪里。( )


1、Fiona said, ‘A princess is rescued by a brave knight’ Here knight means( ).

2、Shrek said, ‘I'm not the one with the problem, okay? It's the world that seems to have a problem with me.’ Here it means “不是我对世界不满,是世界对我不满。”( )

3、Donkey said, ‘You're so wrapped up in layers’, Here ‘be wrapped up’ means( ).

4、Until you find true love's first kiss and then take love's true form. 意为 “你找到真爱之吻时,你就会变成最美的模样”( )

5、Shrek said:‘The wedding! We'll never make it in time.’ Here ‘make it in time’ means( ).


1、Who is called “Mr. One Man Show”?( )
    A、Lightning McQueen
    B、Doctor Hudson

2、What did Doctor Hudson punish McQueen to do in Radiator Spring?( )
    A、fix the road
    B、build the house

3、Did McQueen win the cup at last?( )
    A、Yes, he did.
    B、No, he didn’t.

4、How could a car like you quit at the top of your game? “game” here means( ).

5、U.S. Route 66 is now called Historic Route 66.( )


1、Elsa was born with the power to create( ).
    A、ice and snow
    B、magic and snow

2、I wasn't born yesterday可以翻译成“我可不是三岁小孩。”( )

3、May I come round in the morning? The answer may be( ).
    A、Yes, you can.
    B、Yes, please.

4、She( )my heart and only an act of true love can save me.

5、“Be the good girl you always have to be” is from the song( ).
    A、Let it Go
    B、Let it Be


1、Judy’s dream is to “make the world a better place”.( )

2、Dumb rabbit. Here dumb means( ).

3、200 times 365 times 20 is( ).

4、Did Judy accept the badge?( )
    A、No, she didn’t.
    B、Yes, she did.

5、Whose job is putting tickets on parked cars?( )


1、Belle is imprisoned in the enchanted castle to replace her sister.( )

2、You must ( ) your temper!

3、She made all the usual excuses.( )

4、He may be( )and he's all alone.

5、It has to be something very special. Something that sparks her interest.( )


1、电影中的小丑鱼怎么说?( )

2、When his son is captured and sent to a ( ) in Sydney.
    A、doctor's office
    B、dentist's office

3、Marlin 告诉Nemo:We're( )learn to get some knowledge. 我们要学很多新知识。
    A、ready to

4、到宾馆后,我们办理登记入住,使用词组( ).
    A、check in
    B、check out

5、Marlin穿越大海寻找儿子Nemo,大家对他的评价是( )。
    A、a silly daddy
    B、a good daddy


1、当戈伯对Hiccup 说:I’ll take my chances. Sword. Sharpen. Now.意思是指( )。
    B、我会抓住机会的, 去磨剑 快去!

2、戈伯说的 Stop being all of you.意思是指( )。
    B、Hiccup 要放弃自己

3、I should have gone first.对本句的翻译正确的是( )。

4、re做前缀表示( )意思。

5、Hiccu对爸爸说: Take this out on me, be made at me.句中be made at sb的意思是( )。


1、苏格兰人热爱生活,风笛、格子裙、高尔夫球和威士忌,早已是苏格兰人的标志。其中格子裙的英文表达是( )。
    B、check shirt

2、She always bears in mind what her father said.正确的翻译是( )。

3、小寿星的英文表达是( )。
    A、birthday girl or birthday boy

4、I’ve just about had enough of you, lass. 意思是( )。

5、影片中的王后说:It’ll be fire and sword,if it’s not set right.这里的fire and sword 是指( )。