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1、The different aspects of this communication process are emphasized by three perspectives. Which of the following is not included?
    A、social science perspective
    B、interpretive perspective
    C、critical perspective
    D、A. personal perspective

2、Which of the following emphasizes the various components of communication including a sender/receiver, message, channel, and context?
    A、social science perspective
    B、interpretive perspective
    C、critical perspective
    D、personal perspective

3、________ refers to interntional use of nonspoken symbol to communicate a specific message.
    C、Nonverbal communication

4、Which of the following is not included in the Body Language?
    C、Eye Contact

5、As early as 1952, Raymond Williams wrote a book on the definition of culture and he defined culture as “the total way of life of a people”,

6、Generally speaking, formal culture is commonly known as capital letter "C" culture, namely a country's geography, history, nature, politics, philosophy, literature, economy, education, science and technology, etc.

7、The symbolic nature of communication means that the words we speak or the gestures we make have no inherent meaning.

8、Generally speaking, communication style combines both language and nonverbal communication.

9、The same message people receive always conveys the same information even in different contexts


1、How many official languages does the first table mention?

2、Our apartment has the most _____ design like automatic washing device for cars, sound-control system for lights and house appliances.

3、Which comment is not included in description of Zhang Qian?
    A、Outstanding Diplomat
    B、Traveler and Explorer of the Han Dynasty
    C、The Napoleon of the East
    D、The First Chinese Stepping to the World

4、Vlad allied himself with foreign countries, and restored the social order destroyed by years of wars.

5、In Chinese, ______ can be expressed with comma, semicolon or even without punctuation.

6、The internal expression of this aesthetic standard is artistic conception, while the external expression is rhythm and phonology.

7、Being located in west Asia and adjacent to Europe, Iran, the ancient Persian kingdom, has been influenced by ancient Babylonian (巴比伦) culture, Byzantine (拜占庭) art and Chinese painting since ancient times.

8、As a result, many families dissolved with little ceremony.
    A、set up
    C、broke up

9、Chinese had mastered the technology of smelting bronze approximately 5,000 years ago and iron tools came into use during the ___________.
    A、Tang Dynasty
    B、Song Dynasty
    C、West Zhou Dynasty
    D、Shang Dynasty

10、During ________ reign, he dispatched Zheng He to lead a fleet to make seven far-ranging voyages.
    A、Ming Taizu’s
    B、Ming Chengzu’s
    C、Song Taizu’s
    D、Tang Taizong’s

11、In Chinese history, ________was regarded as the first Emperor who unified China in ideology.
    A、Qin Shihuang
    B、Zhou Wenwang
    C、Han Wudi
    D、Zhou Wuwang

12、The Silk Road refers to the ancient trade route connecting Asia Continent and European Continent, usually it can be classified into ___________,Southern Silk Road on the land and the Silk Road on the sea.
    A、Northern Silk Road on the land
    B、Eastern Silk Road on the sea
    C、Western Silk Road on the land
    D、A. Northern Silk Road on the sea

13、Zheng He, a eunuch of Ming Dynasty, is considered to be the most important Chinese ___________ of all time.

14、How many maritime expedition did Zhenghe manage in Ming Dynasty?

15、What nationality is Marco Polo?


1、Which is the proper way to express your thanks for a small personal favor in Western culture?
    A、A valuable gift.
    B、A red envelop.
    C、Taking him or her out to eat.
    D、A sweet kiss.

2、Once you get to know your mistakes, you should ___________ them as soon as possible.

3、We attended a ____ of the new manufacturing process.
    B、 display

4、People need opportunities to make a “midlife review” to _____ to the later stage of employed life.

5、According to divorce contract, my husband has _____________ to our children at weekends.

6、All Hallows’ Day is on __________.
    A、Dec. 25th
    B、Nov. 1
    C、Jan. 1
    D、Oct. 1

7、The cultural significance of the Eyo festival is its usage in the ______ of a king(Obas) or chiefs.

8、How many intangible cultural heritages are there in China by the end of 2018.

9、___________ comprises of items that MUST be provided on the actual Wedding day.
    A、The Engagement list
    B、The Introduction list
    C、The Wedding list
    D、The Bridal Letter

10、The Yoruba traditional wedding attires are scheduled for __________.
    A、both couples
    B、the brides
    C、the grooms
    D、all people

11、What are the four major classic Nanxi?
    A、Jing, Liu, Bai and Sha
    B、Jing, Dou, Bai and Sha
    C、Pi, Liu, Bai and Sha
    D、Jing, Liu, Zhang and Sha

12、________, the wife of Yellow Emperor, is said to be one of the two most important deities of silkworms.

13、Yoga is for physical, mental and spiritual________.

14、Yoga helps us maintain a balanced __________, weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health.

15、________ slowly and deeply through your nose. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Your abdomen should expand, and your chest should rise very little.
    A、Breathe in

16、“Ethnocentrism” is the tendency to think of one's own culture as being at the centre of the world; in other words, to assume that his own culture' s way of thinking and acting is more natural, normal and correct the way people from other cultures think and act.


1、The blood __________ in the body and provides what the body needs.

2、She has ___________ a large sum of money from her father.

3、The __________ expressed their passive view about the government’s policy.

4、In American universities, classes are often arranged in more flexible ______ and many jobs on campus are reserved for students.

5、I will repair this new TV set without charging because it is under ________.

6、The purpose of this test is to measure students' __________ to learn instead of their present achievements.

7、We would never have secured our independence without the aid you __________.

8、The _____________ of the member countries is supposed to be held recently at Geneva.

9、Which type of Chinese company has the highest proportion of trade on B&R?
    A、Private enterprise
    B、Foreign-owned enterprise
    C、State-owned enterprise

10、What are the major characteristics of Ethiopian industry?
    A、The footwear industry is the highlight.
    B、Leather production capacity is large.
    C、Mineral resources exploration efficiency is low.
    D、Industrial categories are incomplete.

11、Ethiopia has great potential to grow in the world textile and apparel supply chain majorly because Ethiopia has the following advantages:
    A、abundant energy
    B、labor cost is relatively low
    C、preferential policy on tariffs and financing
    D、large area of cotton planting

12、What are the major opportunities of Wenzhou enterprises through B&R?
    A、Expand import and export trade.
    B、Internationalization through capital operations, merger and acquisition of overseas companies.
    C、Use the Belt and Road funds to participate in local infrastructure construction to solve excessive production capacity.隋朝
    D、Construction of local industrial zones, and use local low labor costs to improve corporate profitability.

13、Almost anyone involved in the e-commerce industry recognizes the ___________ that China holds.

14、What is the total railway mileage of China by the end of 2017?
    A、127000 kilometers.
    B、19000 kilometers.
    C、25000 kilometers.
    D、10463 kilometers.

15、How many bike sharing companies signed an agreement with the National Development and Reform Commission (国家发改委) and the National Information Center (国家信息中心) on April 27th, 2017, authorizing the sharing of user data.

16、The administration warned any violations of the ban that would ________ harsh punishments and invited audiences to monitor how well the TV stations follow the regulations.

17、Fran’s point is that they may have been laughing to help make the situation more comfortable rather than to make fun _________ Peter.

18、Which topics should be avoided in communication in other countries?
    B、health status

19、Which of the following dimension is NOT the necessary dimension of Intercultural Communication Competence?
    A、Psychology dimension:get to know what people think.
    B、Affective dimension:be willing to learn the culture.
    C、Cognitive dimension: get to know the culture.
    D、Behavior dimension:experience the culture with appropriateness and effectiveness.

20、If you’ve gone to the trouble of keeping your old iPhone or iPad going, it’s worth updating it to keep this important _______.


1、Who characterized today’s world as a “global village”?

2、In Indian, it is unnecessary to invest in education for a better quality of people’s life.

3、In contemporary China, most students __________the brand and price of clothes to pursue fashion.
    B、care about
    D、attach great importance to

4、Which of the following might not happen in patrilineal society?
    A、Women raise the children.
    B、Women descend norms and behaviours to future generation.
    C、Women advocate social and political equality.
    D、Women pass down cultural values and attitudes.

5、Ghana is a nation in __________.
    A、South Africa
    B、West Africa
    C、North Africa
    D、East Africa

6、When talking with friends, which topic would Chinese and Tanzanians mostly like to use?

7、Which one of the following statements about Saudi Arabia is correct according to the micro-lecture?
    A、Both men and women in Saudi Arabia wear pure white robes.
    B、Saudis have a particularly high opinion of Indians.
    C、Saudis of all classes show great respect toward waiters from the Philippines.
    D、Laborers from Asian countries are usually treated badly and unequally.

8、Which one of the following statements about Pakistani’s attitudes is incorrect according to the micro-lecture?
    A、The average Pakistani is curious about other people, and generally greets you with enthusiasm if you approach them.
    B、Most Pakistanis love to have guest and invite foreigners to their homes.
    C、Everyone in Pakistan is friendly toward a foreigner, and easily develops true friendship with foreigners in a short time.
    D、In Pakistan, you can feel their great friendliness to Chinese everywhere.

9、What policy does the Thailand government carry out to benefit most Thai people?
    A、Medical insurance, pension insurance and unemployment insurance
    B、Basic medical insurance
    C、Civil servant insurance plans and social medical insurance plans
    D、30 Baht System


1、Xin Ming came to the capital city to find a job, so he is a(n) ___________ worker.

2、She is a girl from Hong Kong SAR. SAR in “Hong Kong SAR” refers to ___________.
    A、Special Administrative Region
    B、Specific Absorption Rate
    C、Synthetic Aperture Radar
    D、Stop and Reverse

3、A sociology professor is one who studies _______________.
    A、human beings
    C、human societies
    D、personal relations

4、In western countries such as Ghana and Nigeria, 6 is not a lucky symbol in terms of religion. It is a symbol of doom, _______ and evil.

5、The main religion in Afghanistan is ___________.

6、Malaysia is in ___________ .
    B、East Asia
    C、Northwest Asia
    D、Southeast Asia

7、We need to be aware that the ___________ attitudes of writers are precisely the way cultural conflict is encouraged.

8、Not only was our defect rate lower, but the architecture and design were __________.

9、Regional__________is a cognitive structure concerns about the knowledge, attitude and anticipationtoward the people who lived in a certain region.

10、Steve thinks that American instructors are ________so that in the US Lin’s staff would get ________ training than they could get locally.
    A、inferior ...better
    C、superior ....better