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1、Which one is Beijing Cuisine?
    A、Noodles with Soy Bean Paste
    C、Nanxiang Steamed Bun
    D、West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy

2、What is not the modern building in Beijing?
    A、Bird Nest
    B、Water Cube
    C、National Grand Theatre
    D、Oriental Pearl Building

3、What is the percentage of other 55 ethnic minorities?

4、What does the large star represent in the national flag?
    B、Working class

5、Shanghai is famous for its food. Which one is not Shanghai food?
    A、Nanxiang Steamed bun
    B、Pan-Fried Steamed Bun
    C、crab shell pie
    D、gourd shrimp soup

6、what is the representative city in subtropical zone?

7、What are not the activities we can be involved in during the Spring Festival?
    A、red lanterns
    B、loud fireworks
    C、massive banquets and parade
    D、dragon race

8、How tall is the Chinese Pavillionfor the Shanghai World Expo 2010?
    A、63 meters
    B、53 meters
    C、50 meters
    D、60 meters

9、Where can we enjoy the animated version of the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival?
    A、Shanghai Disneyland Park
    B、The Chinese Pavillionfor the Shanghai World Expo 2010
    C、the Summer Palace
    D、the Imperial Palace

10、How many municipalities are in China?


1、Which one is not the Top Ten Scenes in west lake?
    A、Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring
    B、Winery Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer
    C、Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge in Winter
    D、Orioles Singing in the Pine

2、Which one is compared to Xizi by the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo?
    A、West Lake
    B、Dongting Lake
    C、Tai Lake
    D、Qinghai Lake

3、Which city is called Spring City?

4、Which emperor pushed the yellow River civilization to a wholly new level?
    A、Emperor Hanwu
    B、Emperor Chongzhen
    C、Emperor Qin Shi Huang
    D、Emperor Jiaqing

5、For whom did the Huangling Temple commemorate?
    A、Yu the Great
    B、Shun the Great
    C、Yan the Great
    D、Emperor Qin Shihuang

6、Which is the highest and most notable peak in Wu Gorge?
    A、the Goddess Peak
    B、the God Peak
    C、Wangxia Peak
    D、Kui Men

7、What is the summit of Mount Songshan?
    A、the Sounth Peak
    B、the North Peak
    C、Junji Peak
    D、Zhurong Peak

8、Where is the Hanging temple?
    A、Mount Song
    B、Mount Heng
    C、Mount Huashan
    D、Mount Tai

9、Who was the famous physicians and pharmacologist from Hubei?
    A、Li Shizhen
    B、Zhang Zhongjing
    C、Bian Que
    D、Hua Tuo

10、Which is not the scenery of along the Three Gorges?
    A、Jinyun Mountain
    B、Fengdu Ghost City
    C、Yunyang Zhangfei Temple
    D、Leifeng Tower


1、If the square table is very large, then it usually has a Lazy Susan turntable to facilitate passing or serving dishes.

2、These days, normally the host sits facing the door, the person sitting on his right is the most honored guest.

3、Normally cold dishes are served before hot ones, and soup are served before dry dishes.

4、When eating, you should close your mouth to chew food well before you swallow it.

5、Of the following statements of why Chinese use chopsticks, which is wrong?
    A、China was an agricultural society and relied on vegetables for food.
    B、China did not have much industry.
    C、Chinese culture is developed around collectivism which stresses communion and harmony.
    D、Chinese people have flexible thumbs.

6、Which of the following statements is the right thing to do?
    A、Let your chopsticks cross over those of others.
    B、Place your chopsticks lengthways on a chopstick holder.
    C、Place your chopsticks on the table.
    D、Stick your chopisticks in your rice bowl.

7、When did the Chinese people begin to make wine with grain ?
    A、4000 years ago
    B、5000 years ago
    C、3500 years ago
    D、7000 years ago

8、In ancient times, on occasions of tomb sweeping, people used wine to show reverence on the following except_____.
    A、practiced divination
    C、worshiped the deities and ghosts
    D、prayed for rainfall

9、Which of the following phrases is not related with wedding?
    A、arm-crossed wine
    B、marriage wine feasts
    C、month-old wine feasts
    D、a hundred years of happy marriage

10、Square and rectangular tables are normally used for small groups of people, while round tables for large groups.


1、Hanfu clothing is the traditional clothing of the ________ people in China.

2、The main color of Chinese wedding dress and decoration is ________ .
    A、bright yellow
    B、bright purple
    C、bright red

3、Cheongsam simply means_________.
    A、“long suit”
    B、“long wear”
    C、“long neck”
    D、“long dress”

4、Cheongsam derived its name from the fact that it was worn by the Manchu people who called themselves the__________ people.

5、The origin of Tang suit can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty , evolving from ________.

6、One common design of Tang suit is the usage of Chinese characters such as________ (good fortune) and ________(long life) to spread good luck and wishes.
    A、福 寿
    B、寿 福
    C、喜 乐
    D、乐 喜

7、The four pockets were said to represent the Four Virtues:__________________.
    A、Courtesy, Honesty, Integrity and Sense of Shame
    B、Courtesy, Justice, modesty and Sense of Shame
    C、Courtesy, Justice, Integrity and Sense of Shame
    D、Courtesy, Justice, Integrity and Sense of Beauty

8、Chipao is a representative of traditional Chinese dresses for women .

9、Is “Tang suit” the suit that people in Tang Dynasty wore?

10、The modern Chinese Tunic Suit is a style of male attire known in China as the Zhongshan Suit which was named after Sun Yat-Sen.


1、Siheyuan construction is always_____________.

2、Usually in a quadrangle there is an open yard at the center surrounded by single-story rooms.

3、The Terracotta Army was discovered on 29 March ________ by a group of farmers digging a water well, about 1.5 kilometres east of the Emperor's tomb at Lishan.

4、Archaeologists, from three terracotta figures pits PPT-8 occupying about 2000 square meters, have since unearthed some ______ lifelike soldiers and horses.

5、The Forbidden City is a good example of the durability of the _______ buildings.

6、During nearly six hundred years of imperial operation, it served as the residence and court of ______ emperors.

7、Most of the Huizhou Local Residential Houses date from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and amount to thousands widely dispersed throughout the _______countryside.

8、After the 1840s, Chinese architecture began to blend traditional Chinese style and ______ architectural characteristics.

9、Chinese classical gardens are often full of _________ in terms of scenes.

10、With a history of about _______ years, some of the Great Wall sections are now in ruins or have disappeared.


1、Which dynasty did the sedan chair originate?
    A、Xia Dynasty
    B、Qin Dynasty
    C、Ming Dynasty
    D、Zhou Dynasty

2、The car body of rickshaw is usually painted with _____ paint.

3、"Camel Xiangzi" is a novel describing the tragic fate of the _____ driver.

4、China has established a complete technological system for high speed railway. The survey and design, equipment development, construction, traffic control, and operation management have reached a leading level in the world.的翻译为: 中国建立了完备的高速铁路技术体系。勘察设计、装备研制、施工建设、调度指挥和运营管理均处于国际先进水平。

5、China's civil aviation industry has gained sustainable growth over decades.It has the most member airlines of IATA.

6、By the end of 2018, China's civil aviation has realized a zero-accident record in over 100 months.

7、According to IATA's forecast, the air passenger volume in the Chinese market is expected to reach 6 billion by 2037.

8、Car sharing is a model of car rental where people rent cars for_____ periods of time, often by the hour.

    A、G-Series High-Speed Train
    B、D-Series High-Speed Train
    C、T-Series High-Speed Train
    D、K-Series High-Speed Train

10、A carriage is a horse drawn carriage.


1、What is not the custom of celebrating Spring Festival?
    A、Visiting friends and relatives
    B、Wearing Red
    C、Enjoying the moon

2、What is not the symbol of red in Chinese culture?

3、When was Dragon Boat Festival added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List?

4、What can you see after the flag-raising ceremony?

5、When did the Chinese government expand the National holiday to seven-day vacation?

6、Which solar terms has become a festival nowadays?
    A、Grain Green
    B、Summer Solstice
    C、Fresh Green
    D、Lesser Cold

7、In the ancient Qingming Festival, ________is one of the popular games.

8、The special food for the Latern Festival is _________.

9、Which of the following is NOT the custom of the Mid-autumn Festival?
    A、Sharing a fantastic meal together
    B、Hanging up lanterns
    C、Drinking tea and eating eggs
    D、Praying for a happy family

10、In Chinese culture, the number 9 symbolizes _________.

11、Which of the statements about Zhuyu is false?
    A、Zhuyu is a kind of herb.
    B、People usually hang Zhuyu on the door.
    C、Zhuyu could eliminate diseases and subjugate disasters.
    D、People like wearing Zhuyu on usual days.


1、What is the earliest workon food therapy in China?
    A、The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine
    B、Compendium of Materia Medica
    C、Treatise on Fevers
    D、Shennong Tastes a Hundred Grasses

2、In hot weather when there is naturally too much yang, what food should you eat?

3、What has the same principle of traditional medicine "acupuncture"?
    A、Foot massage
    B、Foot bath

4、Which is not the benefit of Chinese medicine fumigation?
    A、expand the local blood vessels
    B、promote blood circulation
    C、warm blood circulation
    D、stabilize the bacteria

5、Who made the earliest bronze human figure for medical use in China?
    A、Bian Que
    B、Hua Tuo
    C、Wang Weiyi
    D、Li Shizhen

6、In which country was the first case of acupuncture anesthesia surgery successfully carried out?

7、What is the benefit of saltiness?
    A、drain downward and softens hard masses
    B、supplement, harmonize, and moisten
    C、induce sweat and act on qi and blood
    D、drain heat, purges the bowels, and eliminates dampness

8、Where is wolfberry grown?
    C、Inner Mongolia

9、Yin-Yang and Five-Element are two terms of _________ philosophy.
    A、Tang Dynasty
    B、Qin Dynasty
    C、Song Dynasty

10、The underlined word meridian in Paragraph 3 can be best replaced by ______.
    D、Jing and Luo


1、The Xuan paper is made in Xuanzhou of_____ Province.

2、Cai Lun invented movable type printing.

3、The invention of technique of printing greatly sped up the international development of culture and exchanges. It is no doubt that the movable type printing is one of the greatest contributions to the world.

4、Sinan comprised a smooth plate carved with directions; the handle of the spoon pointed ______, and the head ______.
    A、south north
    B、north south
    C、east west
    D、west east

5、Since niter, the major raw material of the gunpowder, is as white as snow, Arabians called the gunpowder _____ and ______ .
    A、“Chinese Snow”,“Chinese Salt”.
    B、“Chinese Salt”,“Chinese Snow”.
    C、“Chinese of Salt”,“Chinese of Snow”.
    D、“Chinese of Snow”,“Chinese of Salt”

6、The first quantum communication satellite was named after Chinese ancient scientist _____ for his early achievements in physical optics.

7、Jiaolong is the first operational deep-sea manned submersible designed independently in China. It is the most capable operational manned submersible in the world at present.

8、In 2012, Jiaolong manned submersible made a 7000 meter sea trial. Before that, only the US, France and Russia had manned deep submarines in the world.

9、Yuan Longping is an expert on hybrid rice breeding in China and a pioneer in the research and development of hybrid rice in China.

10、In the spring of 1961, Yuan planted the seeds of the mutant in a pioneering field, proving that the plant, discovered in 1960, was a "natural hybrid rice".


1、It is reported that more than 80% of all e-commerce in China happens on the ______ site.

2、Which one of the following Chinese Tech titan is seen as the equivalent of Facebook?

3、According to the lecture, which company is getting into artificial intelligence and self-driving cars?

4、______ now is the largest gaming company in the world.

5、According to the first video clip, Chinese used _______ as money 5000 years ago.

6、Imagine the offline moment in your life, suppose you go for groceries in a supermarket, buy a snack in street shops, eat at some restaurants, go to watch a movie, or take a subway, you just scan their _______ on their wall or at the cashier, the mobile pay page would automatically pop up created by those mobile payment apps.
    A、QR code

7、According to the second video clip, even many foreigners are enjoying the convenience of a “life without _______”.

8、According to the second video clip, the Four New Great Internet Innovation include shared bikes, express delivery, E-commerce and __________.
    A、mobile payment
    B、credit card payment

9、How long has the GMV surpassed RMB 10 billion in 2018?

10、Which platform does not have the partnerships with Alibaba?


1、Chinese martial arts have spread beyond its ethnic roots and had a global appeal, thanks to Bruce Lee, who had the martial arts film genre penetrate and influence the Western audiences over the past four decades.

2、It was only in the mid 20th century that China went through its own Industrial Revolution.

3、It was in the village of Xiaogang that in November 1987 something happened that changed the course of Chinese history.

4、Deng sent missions to Africa. The mission proved that, many African countries were eager to establish a close economic relationship with China.

5、In the village of Xiaogang in November 1978, desperate local farmers secretly made a deal to end the collective agricultural system and go back to family farms.

6、In 1978, Deng Xiaoping emerged as China’s new leader. And his bid to modernize the country began in the north.

7、One of the coves in Guangdong became known as “the cove of corpses” because many drowned when they attempted to cross over to Hong Kong.

8、Central government set up five experimental zones near Hong Kong and Macau.

9、Market forces was permitted to operate in those special economic zones, but not elsewhere in the country.

10、The first private business certificate in 1979 was issued to a young woman selling knitting in the street.


1、Chinese calligraphy distinguishes itself from other calligraphic arts because of the nature of Chinese characters and the use of the brush.

2、The cursive hand is the most commonly used and the easiest way of handwriting.

3、Chinese brush, ink stick, paper and ink stone have always been named collectively as the “Four Treasures of the Study”.

4、The character “好” is a ______ based on the way of composing it.
    B、associative compound
    C、self-explanatory character
    D、pictophonetic character

5、Nowadays ______ is one of the official characters used by the UN.
    A、the official script
    B、the small seal script
    C、the Simplified Chinese Character
    D、the Complex Chinese Character

6、During the Republic of China, Jingwu Gymnastics Club was established as the first governmental kung fu organization.

7、Taichi has somewhat regarded as a Chinese exercising symbol and has spread worldwide for its health preservation purposes.

8、For the Jingrole in Beijing Opera, what disposition does a red face usually depict?
    B、loyal and brave

9、The very influential Mei School, for instance, was founded by ______.
    A、Mei Baojiu
    B、Mei Lanfang
    C、Shang Xiaoyun
    D、Cheng Yanqiu

10、Among the four instruments introduced in the lecture, _____ is simple to make and easy to carry?


1、Paper was invented by Cai Lunin the _________ in China.
    A、Western Han Dynasty
    B、Eastern Han Dynasty
    C、Qing Dynasty
    D、Shang dynasties

2、The white Xing porcelain produced in the Xing kiln became a standard ofTang porcelainbecause it was known for its white color and hardness.

3、Chinese traditional painting, also known as “Guohua”, is different from Western painting because oils are used in it.

4、Qi Baishi is very famous for painting bamboo.

5、Traditional Chinese painting is an art form combining poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal carving.

6、Based on the construction of the characters, ______, a Chinese linguist who lived in the Han dynasty summarized the four ways of composing them in his etymological dictionary Shuowen Jiezi.
    A、Xun Zi
    B、Xu Shen
    C、Ma Rong
    D、Zheng Xuan

7、A typical example of self-explanatory characters is ______.

8、In China’s traditional culture, the dragon and the phoenix connote the following positive meanings except ___________.
    A、people of high virtue and rare talent
    B、matrimonial harmony or happy marriage

9、Which of the following statements is not true about the phoenix ?
    A、It exists only in legends and fairy tales.
    B、It reigns over the feathered world.
    C、It is usually an outstanding male.
    D、It has the feathers of the peacock and the legs of the crane.

10、According to the passage, which drama form might be the most typical representative of Chinese drama in the eyes of foreigners?
    A、Huangmei Opera
    B、Cantonese Opera
    C、Sichuan Opera
    D、Peking Opera


1、China’s current economic system has been termed as the " socialist market economy ".

2、The politics of the People's Republic of China takes place in a framework of a socialist republic run by a single party, the Communist Party of China.

3、The President is the titular head of state, elected by the National People's Congress.

4、China now has diplomatic relations with more than 160 countries and engages in economic, trade, scientific, technological, and cultural cooperation with more than 120 countries and regions.

5、As for foreign policy, China pursues an independent and peaceful foreign policy directed toward peace.

6、China has always taken it as the basis of its foreign policy to strengthen unity and cooperation with developing countries.

7、“One country, two systems”, that is, one country and two systems, is the basic national policy proposed by the Chinese government to achieve peaceful reunification of the country.

8、Chinese government successfully solved the question of Hong Kong through diplomatic negotiations with the British government, and resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong on July 1, 1997.

9、Just 40 years ago, China had a new leader, a five-foot tall, chain smoking, veteran of the Long March, with a reputation for pragmatism over ideology, Deng Xiaoping.


1、Who is the representative of Legalism?
    C、Han Feizi

2、Which is not the quotations from Confucius?
    A、One who believes all of a book would be better off without book.
    B、From any three people walking, I will find something to learn for sure.
    C、Do not do to others what you wouldn’t have others do to you.
    D、Is it not a pleasure to meet friends coming from afar?

3、What is not Mencius’ ideas?
    A、Everyone was born morally good
    B、Benevolen tgoverning was an alternative approach to bring about national unification.
    C、Is it not a delight to acquire knowledge and put it into practice?
    D、I desire fish but I also desire bear’s paw. If I choose the bear’s paw I must relinquish the fish since I cannot have both. Similarly, I desire life but also righteousness. So, if I cannot have both I will choose righteousness and relinquish life.

4、How many parts is the Classic of the Way and Virtuedivided into?

5、What is not the concepts of Taoism?
    C、Returning to a newborn state
    D、Human beings are born into suffering

6、What is Pilgrimage to the Westrelated to?

7、When did Buddhism find its way into China?
    A、Qin Dynasty
    B、Han Dynasty
    C、Sui Dynasty
    D、Qing Dynasty

8、What is not the values of Buddhism?
    A、Human beings are born into suffering.
    B、All living things are locked into a karmic cycle.
    C、Only enlightenment brings true liberation and correct meditation practice leads to nirvana.
    D、Following the way of nature is the way to resolving conflicts between humans and the world.

9、What is Wudang Mountain famous for?

10、Where was Confucius born?
    A、Qin State
    C、Lu State
    D、Qi State


1、The ______ silver jewelry casting and embroidery is very famous around China.

2、About Miao Food and Dining, they have an unusual method of dining----hundreds of people sit at long lines of tables, which is called the_________.
    A、long-table banquet
    B、round-table banquet
    C、line-table banquet
    D、long banquet

3、Bai people mainly admire the ____ color.

4、There is a special tradition called ___________ which is an ancient tea tasting art of Bai minority with a history of over 1,000 years.
    A、Bitter Tea
    B、Sweet Tea
    C、Three Courses Tea
    D、Aftertaste Tea

5、Dongba culture is one of the valuable relics of ______ ethnic minority.

6、__________ people has the largest population of minority ethnic groups with more than 16 million in China.

7、The largest ethnic group in China is __________ People.

8、Chinese is written in two forms by the Han people – the _____and_______ Chinese characters.
    A、simple, complicated
    B、simplified, complex
    C、traditional, simple
    D、traditional and simplified

9、The staple food of the Han people is ________and ___________.
    A、pizza, wheat
    B、rice, bread
    C、rice, wheat
    D、wheat, noodle

10、Dai minority is reputed as the “Ethnic Group of ________”.


1、What is the education system of China composed of ____?
    A、Pre-school education
    D、Higher education

2、What does the compulsory education include?
    A、Pre-school education
    B、Primary education
    C、Junior secondary education
    D、Senior secondary education

3、What does higher education in China not include?
    A、Undergraduate education
    B、Graduate education
    C、Tertiary vocational education
    D、Secondary education

4、When did Mr. Deng decide to resume Gaokao?

5、What can you not do when you face funding problems?
    A、Apply for students’ loans
    B、ake a part-time job
    C、Quit school
    D、Work-study programs

6、When did the State Council publishe official guidelines to reform the Gaokao?

7、When was the National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao) resumed?

8、Which of the following statements about Gaokao is wrong?
    A、The National College Entrance Examination, is an academic testing event held on June 7-8 in Chinese mainland.
    B、Gaokao serves as a crucial benchmark in the lives of those who need higher education to change their destines.
    C、In 2014, the State Council publishes official guidelines to reform the Gaokao
    D、Gaokao, cannot be accepted for admission to US universities.

9、The nine-year compulsory education does not include .
    A、primary education
    B、junior secondary education
    C、senior secondary education
    D、high secondary education

10、Has the Gaokao been accepted for admission to US universities?


1、All the following statements about agritainment are true except ______.
    A、The term is a blend of agriculture and entertainment.
    B、It originally comes from agritourism.
    C、It is also known as farm tourism or leisure agriculture.
    D、It signifies a trend in the tourism industry to include farm work endeavors on tourism.

2、Urban tourists can get all of the following from agritainment except ______.
    A、green and safe food
    B、beautiful pastoral scenery and fresh air
    C、high consumption
    D、a relaxing environment

3、In a sense, agritainment exemplifies an upgrade of tourist products from sightseeing to ______.

4、What can agritainment do by promoting agricultural tourism supply side structural reform?
    A、alleviate poverty
    B、promote local economy
    C、lay foundation for urbanization
    D、the rest of the options

5、Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the lecture as a potential problem that lies in the immature market of agritainment?
    A、safety in the scenic area
    B、food safety
    C、poor supporting services
    D、revenue and publicity

6、Square dance is popular because it can help dancers harvest both health and happiness.

7、Square dancing can be very annoying and sometimes cause trouble because it leads to light pollution.

8、The Chinese government has done little in response to the many complaints drawn by square dance.

9、Square dancing is exclusively popular among elder women.

10、In the information age, Chinese people use information tools for travel to check ______.
    A、plane tickets
    D、the rest of the options


1、The theme of Tang poetry was very _______.

2、The development of Chinese novels reached its peak during the ______ Dynasties.
    A、Sui and Tang
    B、Tang and Song
    C、Yuan and Ming
    D、Ming and Qing

3、Which of the following is NOT hailed as the Four Great Classical Novelsof China?
    A、"Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
    B、"The Golden Lotus"
    C、"Journey to the West"
    D、"Dream of Red Mansions"

4、Which of the following novels is full of fantasies that indicate the author’s abundant imagination?
    A、"Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
    B、"Outlaws of the Marsh"
    C、"Journey to the West"
    D、"Dream of Red Mansions"

5、____________ marked the peak of Chinese classical literature.
    A、"Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
    B、"Outlaws of the Marsh"
    C、"Journey to the West"
    D、"Dream of Red Mansions"

6、The Ming-Qing fiction undoubtedly created the _____ splendor of Chinese classical literature.

7、Which of the following English proverbs can be borrowed as an equivalent of “三个臭皮匠赛过诸葛亮”?
    A、Look before you leap.
    B、Two heads are bigger than one.
    C、A stitch in time saves nine.
    D、Reading ten thousand books is not as useful as traveling ten thousand miles.

8、Which of the following statements is NOT considered as one of the features of Xiehouyu?
    A、A pun is sometimes invoked in it.
    B、It is funny and figurative, provoking deep thoughts.
    C、It reflects the unique customs and national culture of the Huaxia nationality.
    D、It consists of two elements: the former presents the rationale inside of it while the latter provides a novel scenario.

9、All of the following statements about Chinese chengyuare true except ______.
    A、Most of them consist of four characters.
    B、They can be understood away from the context where they were born.
    C、Some of them have English equivalents.
    D、They do not follow the usual grammatical structure and syntax of the modern Chinese spoken language .

10、The set phrase “马马虎虎” is used to describe ______.
    A、horse horse tiger tiger
    B、tiger tiger horse horse


1、Who said that "But however deep the water may be, we will wade into the water. This is because we have no alternative. Reform concerns the destiny of our country and the future of our nation." ?
    A、Li Keqiang
    B、Xi Jinping
    C、Wen Jiabao
    D、Hu Jintao

2、“中国梦”(Chinese Dream)是一个新名词,于( )年由习近平主席首次提出。

3、“realize the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”的是正确翻译为

4、Which is not included in sustaining China's economic growth?
    B、the reduction of government bureaucracy
    C、weaken the power of special interests
    D、strengthen the army

5、What is the number of China's rising middle by 2025?
    A、500 million
    B、200 million
    C、50 million
    D、500 billion