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1、What is not the purposes of using rhetorical devices?
    A、To increase vividness of language
    B、To lend force to an idea
    C、To heighten effect
    D、To reduce clarity

2、What are style and stylistics not about?
    B、A taste of Stylistics
    C、Knowledge on how to find out stylistic features at different levels of text language

3、Please compare the following three sentences and point out the stylistic effect of “(3) No spitting”. (1) Expectoration is forbidden. (2) Please do not spit! (3) No spitting.
    C、concise and conspicuous (obvious)

4、About style, which description is not right?
    A、From the perspective of the content, the events and activities described, style is saying different things in different contexts in different ways.
    B、From the perspective of the ways of expression used, style is saying the same thing in the same ways.
    C、From the perspective of the users of language, style is different speakers using language in different ways (to different group of people).
    D、From the perspective of the function of the text, style is the functions of texts for different purposes.

5、Style is a result of in the uses of language; and in the users of language, those who come from different places, from different social backgrounds, from different races, from different historical periods, etc.


1、The rhetorical figure used in the sentence “He is as poor as a church mouse, and a church mouse like him eats like a horse.” is , which produces a humorous effect.

2、The sentence by Lord Acton "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. " takes the rhetorical figure of .

3、In the example “I am a draper mad with love. I love you more than all the flannelette and calico, candlewick, dimity, crash and merino, tussore, cretonne, crepon, muslin, ticking and twill in the whole Cloth Hall of the world. [Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood]”, the rhetorical series of the names of cloth are employed to stress his tremendous amount of abstract love for his lover.

4、The following two examples present the different stylistic effects produced by different selection of words. (1) Hiroshima: a city (pop. 542 000) of Honshu, Japan. It was largely destroyed by an American atomic bomb (6 Aug. 1945), the first used in warfare. After reconstruction the city became an active port, with paper and canning industries. (2) Hiroshima My spoon was lifted when the bomb came down That left no face, no hand, no spoon to hold. Two hundred thousand died in my hometown, This came to pass before my soup was cold. In terms of ( ) example (1) objectively presents information about a place, and example (2) affectively exposes certain evil action with subdued anger towards the action.

5、The coinage of a new word such as unchilding, unfathering is an example showing how to achieve certain stylistic effect by taking the method.
    A、quantitative deviation or deflection
    B、qualitative deviation or incongruity
    C、qualitative deviation or deflection
    D、quantitative deviation or incongruity


1、The typical type of sentences in news reports, science and technology, narration, expository writing, etc. is sentence as its function is to provide information which serves the purpose of the texts.

2、The rhetorical device used in the passage “United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided, there is little we can do, for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder.” is __________.

3、The rhetorical device used in the following poem attributed to Benjamin Franklin and others is , which achieves not only an emphatic effect but also a humorous effect. For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of a rider the battle was lost. For want of a battle the kingdom was lost. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail."
    C、syntactic epiphora
    D、syntactic anaphora

4、The sentence “Out of his other property, out of the things he had collected, his silver, his pictures, his houses, his investments, he got a secret and intimate feeling: out of her he got none. [J. Galsworthy, The Forsyte Saga: The Man of Property, Ch.V]” is a , which creates an ironic effect.
    A、subordinate clause
    B、main clause
    C、loose sentence
    D、periodic sentence

5、is an example of violation of grammatical rules. It often takes local and dialectal style with non-standard pronunciation, colloquial expressions, elliptical sentences, which show the speaker’s low social status.
    A、Modern English
    B、Old English
    C、Black English


1、Which one is not the type of reference?
    A、personal reference
    B、demonstrative reference
    C、comparative reference
    D、cohesive reference

2、Which one of the following is not the kind of reiteration?

3、Which one of the following is not the feature of argumentation?
    A、descriptions of settings
    B、complicated relationships
    C、complicated reasoning
    D、logical relations

4、Which one of the following is not the feature of genre?

5、Which one of the following can not describe the purpose of generic structure potential?
    A、all the activity types recognized as correct in grammar
    B、all the activity types appropriate in one culture
    C、to predict how each situation is likely to unfold
    D、to learn how to interact in it


1、Some implications are best represented by special sound features (eg.rising tone), not by syntactic features.

2、Spoken and written language: each has its own functions and characteristics. Of the following the choices, which are characteristics of spoken language?
    A、It can directly be accompanied byother non-linguistic means as the aid.
    B、It is generally speaking not as formal as the written language.
    C、It permitserrors in the process of production.
    D、Homophonescan be used for special stylistic effects, such as pun.

3、Sound features can represent the features of regional dialect or social dialect.

4、Which one of the following is not included in the sound pattern?

5、Suprasegmental features is difficult to be represented in writing, but sometimes it is more effective than phonemes, words and clauses.


1、News report refers to a general variety of language, which sends out hot news, news of important events, and interesting events to all parts of the country or region by mass media.

2、For news, in written medium, as time is limited, the speaker has to select the most important information, and drop the details and unimportant parts.

3、All of the headlines are elliptical sentences.

4、Generally speaking, guide consists of six elements: location, character, event, mode, time, and cause, in which event and character are two obligatory elements.

5、One feature of news report is meaning contraction, that is, using the least amount of form to encode the most amount of meaning. Of the following choices, which one does not belong to meaning contraction?
    A、The nominalization of the processes (verbs)
    B、Big noun phrases and complex modification
    C、Pre-modifiers come from separate clauses, thus highly contracted
    D、Sound elision


1、All public speeches share a lot of things in common as they are different in mode and in purposes.

2、For the features of words used in the public speech, big words are often used in complex structures, and there are also unfamiliar words, nominalized words, abstract words, etc.

3、There are many types of oral genres. Of the following choices, which does not belong to oral genres?

4、In mode of spontaneous commentary, they may be about different activities, such as different types of sports, parades and rallies, the launching of a rocket, etc.

5、The connections between the elements or clauses in the text are loose and the train of thought is often interrupted. This is because, in the development of the events, any new scenes, climax, novel happenings may occur, and the commentator has to capture all of these aspects in order to attract people’s attention and interest always to his side.


1、Business English is a general name for a variety which consists of many subcategories. In terms of mode, it includes business letters, business reports, business contracts, business advertisements, etc.

2、Which is not Cliché?
    B、with regard to
    C、in the case of
    D、for the purpose of

3、“You-Attitude” is a very important principle in business communication, that is, we should think ourselves back into the shoes of others so as to cooperate sincerely.

4、The grammatical features of business English include:
    A、sentence structure
    B、use of voices
    C、use of affirmative sentences
    D、inverted sentences

5、Mixed use of simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentences, can make business English vivid and readable.


1、Legal vocabulary mainly comes from French.

2、Statutes were written in ( ) until about 1300, in French until 1485, in English and French for a few years, and in English alone from 1489.

3、Studies from the historical perspective have shown that legal English is very ( ) in form.

4、As legal language is produced by careful phrasing and tested over a long time, nobody dares to alter the structure of legal English, so that its structures become ( ).

5、After the _____ Conquest, French became the official language used for all state affairs including law in Great Britain.


1、Scientific words have the following functions:
    A、To convey general concepts such as light, color, ray, wheel, axis, etc., which can be used in a variety of registers.
    B、To convey concepts in a specific field, such as circuit, wavelength, frequency, capacitor, etc. in electronics.
    C、To convey concepts in a general field, such as electricity, power, force, optics, etc. in physics.
    D、To refer to objects concerned in scientific register, such as lens, vessel, beaker, etc.

2、When people invented something, they must also create a word to represent it in language, so scientific words occurred the earliest in the register of science and technology.

3、Scientific English develops from abstract to concrete, from empirical to rational, and from dynamic to static.

4、The language of science and technology includes texts of a large variety of registers.

5、For the style of science and technology, in terms of mode, it includes texts of all registers concerned with the natural science and social science, such as physics, engineering, medicine, agriculture, linguistics, psychology, computer, etc.


1、The judgment of the quality of literary texts is whether they truly, accurately and systematically record the historical events or not, while that of non-literary texts is whether they are artistic, affectionate and illuminative or not.

2、Fictional language does not directly recount what is happening in the external world, but presents the outward experiences of humans through ( ).
    A、mock reality
    B、virtual reality
    C、remote reality
    D、counter reality

3、The first level meaning is entirely implied; the second is partly implicit and the third ( ).

4、The situation presented by the ( ) is very limited. It mainly focuses on the world of individual persons, so it is an effective device for describing the world of individual characters, which can be used as a life model or example of individual persons.
    A、first person calculator
    B、first person interlocutor
    C、first person narrator
    D、first person coordinator

5、( ) are created in much similarity to the actual situations in the real world and are generalized events and serve as miniatures of the real world events.
    A、simulated situations
    B、stimulated situations
    C、promulgated situations
    D、predominated situations


1、Which of the following is not the meta-function in visual context?

2、Which is not the feature of color?

3、_____ between image and language means a semiotic system relays the expression of another and adds new meaning to it.

4、In the stylistic analysis of a multimodal text, at the level of meaning, the focus should be put on which _____ is more appropriate for the realization of some type of meaning.
    D、the function of modalities

5、In the process of stylistic analysis of a multimodal text, which of the following problem is not stylisticians concerned?
    A、Which meaning is mainly realized by the chosen semiotic systems?
    B、Which meaning is foregrounded and which backgrounded?
    C、What are other modes in this context?
    D、How is the meaning realized by a certain mode, that is to say, how is it realized by the lexis or also the grammar of the mode?