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1、What does this chapter mainly teach ( )?
    A、The Orientation of Courses
    B、Contents of the course
    C、Learning methods
    D、Teaching method

2、In everyday life, open awareness means . ( )
    A、approaching situations with fresh eyes, letting go of our habitual reactions and our expectations for the future
    B、offering us more freedom, peace, and well-being in our lives
    C、gives rise to the subjective experience of joy, awe, and peace
    D、a sanctuary of relief from her feelings of rage and burnout

3、Positive interdependence that binds group members together is posited to result in feelings of responsibility for . ( )
    A、facilitating the work of other group members
    B、obtaining their goals if and only if the other individuals with whom they are competitively linked fail to obtain their goals.
    C、completing one’s share of the work
    D、turning individualistic people into caring and collaborating ones

4、When you're listening to an article about a natural disaster, what is the most likely keyword? ( )
    A、rescue and relief
    C、immune system
    D、seismic zone

5、The phenomenon of joining words together is called . ( )
    D、weak form of words

6、Hearing is . ( )
    A、an active skill
    B、listening to something
    C、the physical act of sound waves entering our ears and being transported to our brain
    D、a passive process that requires no effort

7、When we listen, flow of speech can be divided into, then our brain to convert these into meaningful information. ( )

8、means the way of pronouncing the words based on the regional or social background of a speaker. ( )

9、Formal speaking usually occurs . ( )
    A、in school
    B、when meeting people for the first time
    C、in business or academic situations
    D、when meeting with family and friends

10、Casual conversation about ordinary or unimportant subjects, especially at social occasions, is called . ( )
    A、polite talk
    B、small talk
    C、shop talk
    D、trash talk


1、Every time when we return from a long vacation to our routine work or study, we may feel stressed. This kind of stress is also referred to as ___________.( )
    A、post-holiday syndrome
    B、post-holiday stress
    C、post-holiday depression
    D、post-holiday disease

2、What kinds of stress have been interpreted in this chapter? ( )
    B、acute stress
    C、episodic acute stress
    D、chronic stress

3、What does episodic acute stress mean in this chapter? ( )
    A、a kind of positive type of stress that keeps you energized
    B、stress that happens from time to time and then stop for a while, rather than happening all the time
    C、a very short-term type of stress
    D、stress that seems never-ending and inescapable

4、Fatigue, high blood pressure, increased heartbeat, out of breath are the possible physical stress response we might have under stress. ( )

5、Which of the following are possible mental responses to stress? ( )
    A、difficulty in concentrating
    B、decreased digestive activity
    C、mental slowness

6、It is said in this chapter that connection with others can create resilience. Which of the following is the correct interpretation of the work “resilience” in this chapter? ( )
    D、in low spirit

7、What stress reducer was mentioned in terms of sound in this chapter? ( )
    A、vocal toning
    B、humming a favorite tune
    C、sound track of nature

8、The stress management of taste means when you feel stressed you can enjoy any of your favorite food. ( )

9、Wrapping yourself in a warm blanket belongs to which of following stress management? ( )

10、In the last session of this chapter, two suggestions to reduce stress are recommended, what are they? ( )
    A、to obtain a positive view of stress
    B、to go to the psychologist
    C、to maintain connection with others
    D、to let it go


1、All the greenhouse gases are produced by industry nowadays.( )

2、If the greenhouse gas emissions are stopped, the warming of sea water will stop. ( )

3、Changes in ocean currents and temperature will cause the weather change.( )

4、Thirteen countries in Africa are building a green Great Wall, hoping that the forests will absorb more carbon dioxide as they stop the Sahara from expanding.( )

5、Which of the following mountain glaciers are melting faster than others?( )
    A、The Alps
    B、The Himalayas
    C、The Andes
    D、The Rockies

6、According to NASA, what’s the percentage of forest in the newly added green land in China? ( )

7、According to the prediction, how much will the sea level rise by the end of this century?( )
    A、8 inches
    B、1-4 feet
    C、5-8 feet
    D、5-8 inches

8、Which of the following types of sound-linking are mentioned in the lecture?( )
    A、A consonant is following by a consonant.
    B、A consonant is following by a vowel.
    C、A vowel is following by a vowel.
    D、A vowel is following by a consonant.

9、Which of the following sounds are semivowels?( )

10、Human factor plays a bigger role in temperature rise compared to the natural factors. Which of the following human factors are mentioned in the lecture?( )
    B、Increase in population
    C、Atmospheric pollution


1、What are the features Chinese cuisines are famous for in the world? ( )
    A、Beautiful color.
    B、Aromatic smell.
    C、Exotic feelings.
    D、Comfortable touch.
    E、Tempting taste.

2、Roasting food is regarded as the national food in Britain. ( )

3、According to the lecture, what features can show that Chinese people are more health-focused on food? ( )
    A、With medicated purpose.
    B、With season-oriented choice.
    C、With gender differences.
    D、With some taboos.
    E、With regional preference

4、Elevenses, just as its name implies, is a cup of tea and biscuits at around 3 p.m.( )

5、According to the lecture, who introduced “Afternoon Tea” in Britain? ( )
    A、Queen Elizabeth.
    B、Duchess of Bedford.
    C、Queen Mary.
    D、Duchess of Cambridge.

6、What are the new trends of “Afternoon Tea” in Britain? ( )
    A、More export.
    B、Various flavors.
    C、Art combination.
    D、Low price.
    E、Increasing reputation.

7、The flourishing period in Britain is during the Roman Invasion. ( )

8、What should we take as notes in listening comprehension? ( )
    A、Functional words.
    B、Informal words.
    C、Formal words.
    D、Information words.

9、What does this symbol “Θ” mean when we take notes in listening comprehension? ( )
    B、Because of.

10、You should take notes vertically instead of horizontally. ( )


1、Which apple began the wisdom of human beings? ( )
    A、The apple of Adam and Eve
    B、The apple of Newton
    C、The apple Steve Jobs

2、The oldest computer we have in the world was born in the United States in 1946. ( )

3、What are the four great inventions of ancient China? ( )

4、How did the shared bikes in Copenhagen in 1995 make profit? ( )
    A、From users
    B、From advertisements
    C、From governments

5、The first Industrial Revolution was characterized by _______.( )
    A、Steam power

6、The main role of clothing is to protect us from coldness. ( )

7、What are the negative impacts of technology? ( )
    A、Destruction of natural order
    B、Decline of mental ability
    C、Degeneration of mental skills

8、From the perspective of information bearing function, nouns, verbs and adjectives will carry most information. They often lead to a new topic, make new comments and draw new conclusion. ( )

9、Where does the key information lie in progressive relationship? ( )
    A、In the beginning
    B、In the middle
    C、In the end

10、In narration of a person, what key information should we pay attention to at the beginning part? ( )
    A、General description of the person.
    B、Problem, phenomenon, idea, object, etc
    C、Issue and thesis statement


1、All the Four Great New Innovations of China mentioned in this chapter were created by Chinese people.( )

2、What common forms of payment in the US are mentioned in this chapter? ( )
    A、debit card
    B、credit card
    C、money order

3、According to the micro lectures in this chapter, what does the word “clearance” on the sign at the entrance mean? ( )
    A、the removal of all unwanted things from a place
    B、the official permission for a plane to take off or land
    C、the process of a check being paid by a bank
    D、the maximum height limit

4、Which of the following best explains the sign of “kiss and ride” in some parking space? ( )
    A、temporary parking for a very short time to drop somebody off or pick somebody up
    B、parking by somebody else, especially in a hotel or restaurant
    C、leaving your car and transfer to a public transport, like airplane or train
    D、parking on street and pay by the meter on both sides of the street

5、In the US, the little free library libraries on the roadside are launched by a nonprofit organization of “the Little Free Library”, and everyone can start a little free library by registering online and paying for a chart. ( )

6、Apart from providing collection of books, what other functions of public libraries, especially the community libraries, are mentioned in this chapter? ( )
    A、as gathering places
    B、promoting community involvement
    C、promoting children’s reading
    D、provide discounted books through book sale

7、According to the micro-lectures in this chapter, adults, regardless of their age, in America can easily access a study program at school to pursue their further study. ( )

8、According to the microlectures in this chapter, what are the criteria by which we decide whether a school is a university or a community college? ( )
    A、the number of colleges
    B、the academic achievement
    C、types of degrees available
    D、fields of study or programs that are offered

9、In summarizing a listening material through mind mapping, we may combine different types of mind maps to illustrate different relationships among different key information in the material. ( )

10、What is the sequence of creating a mind map explained in this chapter? ( )
    A、classifying information — taking notes of key words and expressions — drawing a mind map
    B、looking up new words in dictionaries — understanding the information — drawing a mind map
    C、taking notes of key words and expressions — classifying the key words — detecting the interrelationship among the key words — creating a mind map
    D、identifying the general idea — finding out the detailed information — creating a mind map


1、Clothing can not only keep warm,but also reflect a person's social status and taste.( )

2、The use of emoticon can satisfy the entertainment mentality. ( )

3、According to the survey results, only a few undergraduates often use online emoticons and the emoticons don’t play a major part in the social networking among the students.( )

4、The entertainment function of fashion has greatly eased the pressure of the academic learning and the sense of loneliness.( )

5、What are the advantages of the Internet?( )
    A、We can surf the Internet for any information we need in a short time without working hard in the library
    B、It is convenient to communicate with others by using the Internet.
    C、More and more young people are indulged in online games.
    D、Some hackers may employ the Internet to commit crimes.

6、What pressures are college students facing today? ( )
    A、parents’ expectations
    B、academic exams
    D、all kinds of competitions

7、How do college students cope with pressure today? ( )
    A、listening to music
    B、taking part in fashionable clubs and organizations
    C、chatting with good friends
    D、taking more physical exercise

8、What are the reasons why college students like QQ chat?( )
    A、The concealment of network communication.
    B、Chatting with people who share the common interests will develop a sense of belonging.
    C、It doesn't cost money.
    D、They can practice typing.

9、In English news, important information comes only in the last paragraph.( )

10、Most English news is told in an inverted pyramid structure, unlike the structure of a novel or story.( )


1、From the movie, we can know that in 1920s, there was a trend that most young people thought learning science was better to the nation than learning literature. ( )

2、When did Wu Linglan hear Tagora’s speech in Qinghua university?( )
    A、In 1923
    B、In 1924
    C、In 1925
    D、In 1926

3、What negative trends among youth are mentioned in the lecture? ( )
    A、Buddhist youths.
    B、Cynical youths.
    C、Exquisite egoists
    D、All of them

4、Cao Shuxin graduated from Shandong University of Technology in 2018. ( )

5、What’s Li Jianing’s hobby in spare time? ( )
    A、Roller skating
    B、Reading books
    C、Listening to music
    D、Playing basketball

6、Who published a scientific paper as the first author in college ? ( )
    A、Cao Shuxin
    B、Li Jianing
    C、Song Qingyun

7、Which one is not the function of the beginning of a narration ( )
    A、Set the scene.
    B、Show some background information.
    C、Present the theme.
    D、Tell how the event developed step by step.

8、How old is Ashly? ( )

9、What kind of words are not the key information in a choice? ( )

10、when we listen to a narration in College English Test Band 4 ,we usually have to deal with multiple-choice questions. ( )


1、Old people are more likely to develop mental health problems. ( )

2、Good interpersonal relationship is an important part of college students’ growth and socialization. ( )

3、In primary and high schools, mental health is given much attention. ( )

4、The Lebanese film has triggered heated discussion: the way of raising children tends to have great influence on their future development. ( )

5、The society, universities and families all play very important roles in helping the students with mental problems. ( )

6、Which of the following statements are true? ( )
    A、Paranoid means feeling extremely nervous and worried because you believe that other people do not like you or are trying to harm you.
    B、Narcissistic means having too much interest in and admiration for yourself
    C、Obsessive compulsive disorder means a mental illness that causes a person to do something repeatedly for no reason.
    D、None of the above statements is true.

7、What should we do to deal with paranoids? ( )
    A、We should stick to conversation topics that are safe and not too personal
    B、We should avoid any signs of criticisms or attack.
    C、We should refrain from using language that is patronizing.
    D、We should try acknowledging their hard work with compliments.

8、Which one is not true about the generic features of exposition? ( )
    A、The application of exposition is widespread and it covers many aspects in our lives.
    B、An expository passage is written in the order of logic.
    C、The words and sentences in exposition are accurate, clear, concise and logical.
    D、Usually, in the introduction part of exposition, the author presents a problem, phenomenon, an idea, an object, or briefly introduces some background information of the things talked about.

9、Which explanatory methods are frequently used in exposition? ( )

10、Which one is not true about the generic features of the listening passage ? ( )
    A、This passage mainly uses present tense.
    B、The order of the passage is from the general to the specific.
    C、The passage mainly has two parts: introduction and development.
    D、In this passage, it uses comparison, classification, definition and citation to help us better understand the idea.


1、Who is regarded as the father of artificial intelligence?( )
    A、John McCarthy
    B、Marvin Minsky
    C、Claude Shannon
    D、None of them

2、Why is AI so popular and powerful these years? ( )
    A、Data volumes increment
    B、Computer science development
    C、Cloud infrastructure and service improvement
    D、All of them

3、What are the potential benefits of the self-driving car? ( )
    A、Relieve travelers from driving tiredness
    B、Improving traffic flow and congestion
    C、Increasing safety
    D、Reduce the need for parking space

4、What nationality is Karel Capek? ( )

5、In which year was JIBO ranked top of the 25 best inventions by TIMES?( )
    A、In 2015
    B、In 2016
    C、In 2017
    D、In 2018

6、What’s the function of the signal word “however”?( )
    A、Summarizing what has been said
    B、Setting out the stages of the talk
    C、Suggesting cause and effect
    D、Adding a statement that is opposite to what has been said

7、Which of the following are used to provide illustrations? ( )
    C、For example
    D、Another example

8、Where is an argumentation widely and mostly used? ( )
    A、Newspaper editorials
    B、Policy speeches
    C、Academic papers
    D、Forms of proposals

9、How to summarize the main supporting points of an argumentation? ( )
    A、Restating the claim
    B、Appealing to needs or values
    C、Urging the audience to take some actions
    D、None of them

10、What are the language features of an argumentation? ( )
    A、Formal and powerful
    B、Orderly and logical