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1、A formal article usually consists of three parts. What are they?
    A、the introduction, the supporting details and the conclusion
    B、thesis statement, the body and the conclusion
    C、the introduction, the body and the conclusion
    D、the introduction, the body and the linking devices

2、The three components of a paragraph are the topic sentence, the supporting sentences, and _______.
    A、the general facts
    B、the examples
    C、the concluding sentence
    D、the controlling idea

3、Our identity is determined by the following factors EXCEPT______.
    A、genetic endowment
    D、chance events

4、In terms of writing device, which of the following sentence does not employ parallelism?
    A、Clear writing should be a major concern both of writers and readers.
    B、The Writing Center needs tutors who are ambitious, self-motivated, and who are dedicated.
    C、that small group of villainous men who plan, organize, and launch this cataract of horrors upon mankind.
    D、She was up in court a couple of times — drunk and disorderly.

5、During their college year, students don’t grow in the aspect of ______.
    A、establishing their sexual identity
    B、learning to relate to family and friends in a new way
    C、becoming more self-centered
    D、developing new ways of grasping knowledge


1、In Section B, Part II, the writer told us that she was less interested in reading as an adult because of the negative influence from people around.

2、“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” is written by ________.
    A、Leo Tolstoy
    B、Vladimir Sorokin
    C、Ben Jonson
    D、Christopher Marlowe

3、In Thornfield, Jan Eyre bravely expressed her love to ________.

4、He _______ the secret _______ his wife.
    A、coaxed ... out of
    B、cheated ... from
    C、persuade ... out of
    D、told ... from

5、In this sentence “America is also a nation that prizes sociability and community”, which of the following has the closest meaning with the word “prizes”?

6、Hurried success is one of the problems of modern society.

7、Slowness, according to Anna Quindlen, should be advocated.

8、The changes of Anna Quindlen’s life is inseparable from her love for books.


1、Mansfield’s influence on the development of drama writing as a form of literature was notable.

2、What is the genre of the text?
    D、short story

3、At the end of the story, Vera left the man. This belongs to which element of short story?

4、Which of the following is true to fiction?
    A、Most fictions are based on reality.
    B、Some fictions don’t have literary merit.
    C、All fictions have exposition.
    D、All fictions are narrative.

5、Which of the following sentences is NOT an example of depicting a character through his or her looks?
    A、You look so well. I’ve never seen you look so well before.
    B、The man is “far better looking now than he had been then.”
    C、He had lost all that dreamy vagueness and indecision.
    D、But as she watched him draw her glove through his fingers, gently, gently...

6、He had lost all that dreamy vagueness and indecision. Now he had the air of a man who has found his place in life.
    A、made his living
    B、found a successful career
    C、found a position in life

7、The writing techniques we discussed in “A Dill Pickle” include all the following items except _______.
    C、stream of consciousness


1、Which of the following statement is Not true about Alexander the Great?
    A、He was the king of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon.
    B、He had been a pupil of Aristotle.
    C、His empire stretched from Greece to northwestern China.
    D、He made great contributions to the communication between western and eastern cultures.

2、What kind of person is Diogenes?
    A、a lunatic
    B、a homeless
    C、a founder of Cynicism
    D、a dog

3、Why does Diogenes carry a lighted lamp to inspect the face of people at bright noonday? Because______.
    A、he is half-blind and cannot see anything clearly
    B、he is trying to find a real man
    C、he wants to be different
    D、he is trying to mock others

4、Which pattern should we choose when we are to compare and/or contrast two subjects, both of which are very interesting?
    A、the point-by-point pattern
    B、the simdiff pattern
    C、the seesaw pattern
    D、the subject-by-subject pattern

5、Point out one of the following suggestions that is not appropriate enough.
    A、Before we write a draft of comparison or contrast, we should firstly be clear about our writing purpose.
    B、The more examples and details you use, the better.
    C、If you do both the comparison and contrast, it doesn’t matter which one is done first.
    D、Transitional devices are always necessary.


1、According to the lecture, there seems to be a seemingly endless repetition of generation gap between parents and children in the author’s family. It means the generation gap between ________ and that between ________.
    A、the author and his sons; his mother and his sons
    B、the author and his mother; his grandpa and his mother
    C、the author and his mother; the author and his sons
    D、the author and his sons, his grandpa and his mother

2、After learning this lecture, who do you think is more responsible in changing his/her way toward his/her family members and trying to bridge generation gap in a family?
    A、old parents
    B、young children
    C、school teachers
    D、the adults

3、By an irresistible association of ideas, he went _______ logic and reason.

4、Any orders you place with us will be processed promptly.

5、In the sentence “She turned and ran into the room, her face beaming with light.”, “beaming” functions as a real verb in the absolute construction.

6、The absolute construction in the sentence “He fell asleep, the candle burned.” is written wrongly. The correct form should be “the candle burning.”


1、Generally speaking, there are three stages in the developmental history of Globalization. Trade of silk and china on the Silk Road belongs to the period of ________.
    A、Modern Globalization
    B、Early Modern Globalization
    C、Archaic Globalization
    D、Post Modern Globalization

2、The widespread chain shops of MacDonald’s and KFC all over the world mainly indicate a trend of globalization in the fields of both _________ and __________.
    A、economy, politics
    B、economy, culture
    C、culture, politics
    D、society, culture

3、The international trade and other economic activities are currently guided by ________.

4、Which of the following elements are included in the structure of an argumentative writing?
    A、Thesis statement in the first part of the essay.
    B、An introduction to the background information.
    C、Transitions to help connect each part to the next.
    D、Detailed analysis of supporting evidence.
    E、Body paragraphs with supporting evidence.
    F、Logic in argumentation.
    G、A conclusion that restates the thesis and readdresses it.
    H、Clear and concise narrative skills.

5、According to the video, which is NOT positive effect of globalization?
    A、booming cultural exchange
    B、raising of economic growth
    C、spreading of new technology
    D、raising of living standards in both wealthy and poor countries

6、What happened in the world history during the period of 1929-1933?
    A、Industrial Revolution
    B、The New Deal
    C、The Great Depression
    D、Westward Movement

7、How did the U. S. benefit from globalization based on the text?
    A、unified market
    B、free trade
    C、lower living standard
    D、M&A boom

8、In globalization, multinational companies have enjoyed the following EXCEPT ____.
    A、M&A binge
    B、update of their technology
    C、worldwide production
    D、reduction of capital flow

9、What can poor countries gain from globalization EXCEPT ____?
    A、new technology
    B、higher living standard
    C、reduction of national poverty
    D、more capital flow abroad

10、Which aspect of negative effects of globalization is not discussed in the video?


1、Historians disagree with each other because they begin from different premises and view the past from different perspectives.

2、Before the authors explain the reasons why historians disagree, they give different definitions of history.

3、In the sentence “But since we do not have such a complete and foolproof explanation, disagreements are destined to remain”, which of the following has the closest meaning with the word “foolproof”?

4、In the sentence “we have to go beyond the proximate cause”, which of the following has the closest meaning with the word “proximate”?

5、In the sentence “history denotes the whole of the human past”, which of the following has the closest meaning with the word “denotes”?
    A、refer to

6、According to the lecture, what is the impact of World War I upon the outbreak of World War II 21 years later? __________.
    A、The start of the Russian Civil War and foundation of the Soviet Union.
    B、Unresolved rivalries at the end of the conflict.
    C、Establishment of the League of Nations.
    D、The event of America’s entry into World War I.

7、In the Zimmermann’s Note, what did the German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmermann trade with Mexico as a deal in order to make a military alliance between Germany and Mexico in the event of the United States entering World War I against Germany?________.
    A、Germany would sink America’s merchant ships on the high sea by its submarine.
    B、Mexico would recover Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.
    C、The United States pursued a policy of non-intervention, avoiding conflicts while trying to broker a peace.
    D、Allied shipping losses were so great that Britain told Washington that Britain’s very survival was now threatened.


1、The main character, Rainsford, hears a gunshot coming from the direction of the island, falls overboard while standing on the ship rail to look for the source of the shot, and swims to the island, where he finds thick jungle and, of all things, ___________on a bluff.
    A、a splendid château
    B、a tower
    C、a waste land
    D、a wood cabin

2、Zaroff is a guy not to be messed with because:
    A、He is an aristocrat.
    B、He is merciless and cruel.
    C、He is from a royal family.
    D、He might hurt himself.

3、______is the conclusion or the final section of the plot. It is the moment when the complications are resolved and the outcome of the conflicts is reached.

4、Why can’t I smoke here? At no time_______ in the meeting-room.
    A、is smoking permitted
    B、smoking is permitted
    C、smoking is it permitted
    D、does smoking permit

5、Rainsford finds out he is about to become the prey to this crazy hunter--Zaroff.

6、The sentence “He heard them crying and laughing, whispering and chattering all the time.” uses both oxymoron and onomatopoeia.

7、Simile is used in the sentence “The waves were mountain high.”


1、There is an obvious conclusion in this article which clearly tells us the importance of psychological needs.

2、What might not be believed by the author?
    A、Power is a basic need.
    B、Learning is a natural pleasure and good teaching should satisfy the students’ need for fun.
    C、The need for power is written in people’s genes.
    D、Power is a moral issue.

3、“When someone uses his power to help downtrodden people satisfy any of their needs, especially to get some power, this use of power is humane. ” In this sentence, the underlined word “humane” means______.

4、Most of us cannot get through a day without complaint; to be satisfied with how others have treated us for a week would seem like an eternity. The underlined part in the sentence functions as_______ .
    A、part of the predicate
    B、adverbial of purpose
    C、adverbial of result

5、Self-actualization needs refer to realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences. They indicate a desire to become everything one is capable of becoming. So which of the following is a good example to manifest the realization of this kind of needs? _______.
    A、Sufficient food
    B、A harmonious family
    C、Being friendly
    D、A respectful team leader


1、The conclusion echoes the introduction perfectly.

2、A topic sentence is composed of two parts: the thesis statement and the controlling idea.

3、A topic sentence should be specific enough as to show the attitude of the author.

4、A topic sentence is like a road sign that can indicate the direction.

5、All of the following sentences can be used as good topic sentences except ______.
    A、The campus of London University is beautiful.
    B、The faculty of London University is qualified.
    C、Some of the students of London University are very hardworking.
    D、The facilities of London University are new.

6、A topic sentence itself contains two parts, which are ______.
    A、the thesis statement
    B、the topic
    C、the controlling idea
    D、the subject

7、Don't be afraid. You can express your disagreement without any ______.

8、Assemble your papers and put them in a file.
    A、gather together
    D、put aside

9、One of the changes for college students is the _______ of religious faith, values and morals.

10、The challenges of academic life force students to _______ how they gather, process, and apply knowledge in their live.

11、About the forms of Parallelism, which of the following is NOT true?
    D、none of the above