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1、Through cultural exploration, you can learn to view the subject matter from diversified perspectives, compare and contrast cultural differences and do in-depth critical thinking.


1、Which of the following description of the role of teacher in CLT is not true?
    A、A manager of classroom activities
    B、A facilitator of students’ learning
    C、A dominator of the classroom
    D、An advisor of students’ questions

2、A good language teacher should know .
    A、what to teach
    B、how to teach
    C、whom to teach
    D、all of the above

3、What type of writing is Text A in this unit ?

4、A thesis statement is a complete sentence that presents your opinion, attitude, or position about the essay topic.

5、What does the author want to tell readers from his own experience in giving an effective English lesson to his son?
    A、How to give an effective English lesson
    B、Students can learn better if they are properly taught.
    C、English learning is important.
    D、Students should not be blamed for their language deficiency.

6、What children from adults is their strong ability to derive joy from what they are doing

7、“We'd like to try this on,” she'd say carefully, uttering her words and properly.

8、Many Americans lost faith in the integrity of their political leaders as a result of the Watergate .

9、You can develop ideas by way of examples, ______, comparison and contast, classification, narration or description, and agumentation.
    A、conduction and correction
    B、cause and effect
    C、reasoning and reduction
    D、deduction and decision

10、Use _______ at the beginning of the conclusion to signal that you're wrapping up the essay.
    A、prepositional words
    B、plural words
    C、metapherical words
    D、transitonal words


1、What type of writing is Text A in this unit ?

2、What’s the author’s purpose of writing this passage?
    A、It proves that students are moving away from the humanities to “hard skills” .
    B、It emphasizes the significance of studying the humanities.
    C、It shows that humanities are now in bad shape.
    D、It presents the advantages and disadvantages of studying the humanities.

3、What is the tone of Text A in this unit?

4、A parent may his child to do his lessons by threatening to suspend his allowance.

5、There is a beautiful view from the of the hill.

6、recent developments we do not think your scheme is practical.
    A、In view of
    B、In favor of
    C、In case of
    D、In memory of

7、you can choose _______ when you write about an advantage/disadvantage essay.
    A、a positon
    B、an insight
    C、a comment
    D、a conclusion

8、Close your essay with _______ of the advantages and / or disadvantages.
    A、the exposition
    B、the introduction
    C、the summary
    D、the disscusion

9、Which of the following does not belong to the humanities?

10、STEM stands for .
    A、scociology, technology, engineering, maths
    B、science, technology, engineering, medicine
    C、science, technology, engineering, math
    D、science, technology, electronics, math


1、What type of writing is Text A in this unit ?

2、What kind of writing techniques does the author use in the text?
    C、comparison and contrast
    D、All of the above.

3、Text A mainly talks about what “odyssey years” means, compares and contrasts young people then and now in order to characterize this new phase.

4、Generally speaking,the blind are to light.

5、After the explosion, the policeman did a lot of work to find out some clues from the .

6、All the arrangements should be completed your departure.
    A、prior to
    B、superior to
    C、contrary to
    D、parallel to

7、The items being compared or contrasted must be from________.
    A、the same origin
    B、different sources
    C、the same category
    D、different groups

8、There are two basic patterns to organize the details of your comparison/ contrast essay: __________.
    A、point by point and subject by subject
    B、item by item and paragraph by paragraph
    C、point by point and paragraph by paragraph
    D、item by item and point by point

9、Which of the following description of the odyssey years is not true?
    A、It's a term originating from an ancient Roman poem.
    B、It's a life phase that could stretch from five to seven years.
    C、It's a journey of self-discovery.
    D、It comes between childhood and adolescence.

10、Which of the following is not a characteristic of the odyssey years?


1、What type of writing is Text A in this unit ?

2、In the text, time sequences are naturally implied in the narration.

3、What does the narrator devote her writing to elaberate in her love journey?
    A、The development of their romantic relationship
    B、Ups and downs in their love story.
    C、Her inner thinking and struggles.
    D、All of the above.

4、With all its advantages,the computer is by no means without its .

5、I'm writing to express the thanks for your gift of my mother.
    A、on behalf
    B、in terms
    C、in honor
    D、by means

6、Fluency in three languages her for work in the European Parliament.

7、We often present the details in the order in which they happened in a narrative essay, so _______ appear very important.
    A、time signals
    B、thesis statement
    C、emotional words
    D、transitional words

8、In a narrative essay, _______ can make the writing vivid and real.
    A、key words
    B、time signal

9、Which of the following description of blind date is true?
    A、It's a date between two blind people.
    B、It's a date where the participants have to keep their eyes closed.
    C、It's a date between two people who have never met before.
    D、It's a date between two acquaintances.

10、Which of the following is not a characteristic of speed dating?
    A、It's time-efficient.
    B、It's a matchmaking process.
    C、It involves a lot of single people.
    D、It usually happens on campus.


1、Which of the following is not included in the six categories of FQ measurement?
    B、Career and income

2、which of the following has been mentioned as the common financial problem that college students are facing?
    A、Having no clear plan of their life.
    B、Making the ends meet at the end of each month.
    C、Paying the credit card on time.
    D、Saving for some specific purpose.

3、In subject-by-subject pattern, both subjects should be discussed in one paragraph, regarding one point to compare or contrast.

4、In the writing of a comparison and contrast essay, it's usually better for you to write about both similarities and differences instead of concentrating on one or the other.

5、They know how to your fear and uncertainty for their own benefit.

6、Beware of plans that ask new distributors to purchase expensive products. These plans may be pyramids in .

7、Analysts say the country needs to adopt the 2010 budget to cooperation with the IMF and pay for natural gas imports from Russia.

8、How many parts can you divide Text A?
    A、2 parts
    B、3 parts
    C、4 parts
    D、5 parts

9、In Text A, what is the dilemma that students are faced with?
    A、To study or to go shopping
    B、To work or to spend
    C、To study or to work
    D、To spend or to save

10、What is the main body of the text when it comes to the structure?


1、To complete your vote, you will need to it by clicking on a link in an email that will be sent to the email address you provide.

2、Banks usually need to be much more cautious about such lending as commodity prices far more than property prices.

3、He wishes to his people with knowledge in order to give them power.

4、How many parts can you divide Text A?
    A、5 parts
    B、4 parts
    C、3 parts
    D、2 parts

5、What is the purpose for Dr. Ariely's experiment done at MIT?
    A、To investigate seemingly irrational human behavior when making a decision.
    B、To see whether the students know how to play this game
    C、To judge the students are smart or not
    D、To let the students earn more bonus(奖金).

6、What is Dr. Ariely's suggestion according to the text?
    A、To save more money instead of spending.
    B、To discard those things that seem to have outward merit in favor of those things that actually enrich our lives.
    C、To close the door and open the window.
    D、To make students earn more bonus in the experiment.

7、Which of the following is not true about Dan Ariely?
    A、Dan Ariely was born on April 29, 1977.
    B、Dan Ariely is a professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University.
    C、Dan Ariely is the author of three New York Times best sellers.
    D、Dan Ariely argues that our behavior is fully controlled by emotions.

8、Xiang Yu has been mentioned in Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions as an example of irrational decision-maker.

9、In the following statements, which one means “The rainstorm caused a flood yesterday in southern part of China.”?
    A、The rainstorm resulted from a flood yesterday in southern part of China.
    B、The rainstorm resulted in a flood yesterday in southern part of China.
    C、Due to the flood, there was a rainstorm yesterday in southern part of China.
    D、The rainstorm was caused by a flood yesterday in southern part of China.

10、You can use the order of importance to organize all the supporting details, and to make the most important point (cause or effect) stand out or impressive, the essay may start with the least important point and end with the most important one.


1、Yet it is those vulnerabilities that make him to the audience because they make him more like us.

2、Here, I want to warn that journalist to be careful with his way of raising questions and not to quote people's remarks out of .

3、there is no intention to be bound by any theory presented in the background or summary or the following detailed description.

4、What is the main body of the text when it comes to the structure?

5、What kinds of writing techniques does the author use in para.3-4?
    D、All of the above.

6、What is the main idea of the text?
    A、Men is more powerful than women.
    B、The text is a feature report on female bosses in the workplace.
    C、Women is more powerful than men.
    D、Men hold more power in the workplace.

7、What is the traditional expectation of women home and abroad?
    A、Produce offspring.
    B、Serve a man’s parents.
    C、Manage household affairs.
    D、All the above.

8、According to “rules for women”, which of the following is included in the three obediences and four virtues?
    A、Fidelity and physical charm.
    B、To receive education and raise children.
    C、Propriety in speech and efficiency in needle work.
    D、To obey her father before marriage, and her husband during married life and her sons in widowhood.

9、Generally speaking, examples can be used to catch the attention of reader, to support and specify the general statement or to explain an unfamiliar topic, a difficult concept or an abstract term.

10、A good example that can explain or clarify a difficult concept or an abstract term should be______.


1、This means that the delegate neither supports nor opposes the on the go.

2、Human beings are the greatest of all species in that they have ingenuity.

3、Maybe you could be a mayor or a senator or a Court justice -- but you might not know that until you join student government or the debate team.

4、How many parts can you divide Text A?
    A、2 parts
    B、3 parts
    C、4 parts
    D、5 parts

5、What is the genre of Text A?

6、What is the author's purpose to write this essay?
    A、To save the poor animals from medical rsearch.
    B、To help the sick childeren.
    C、To achieve higher status in medical academia.
    D、To argue for his rightfulness of conducting animal research.

7、Which can we learn from the movie Hachi: A Dog‘s Tale?
    A、Hachi dug a hole and came out from beneath the fence.
    B、Hachi caught up with Mr. Parker at the station.
    C、Hachi followed Mr. Parker to his office.
    D、Mr. Parker had to walk Hachi back home.

8、People have experimented on animals in order to develop new drugs, improve the success rate of surgeries and so on.

9、There are usually three parts in an argumentative essay: theme part, evidence to support points of view, and conclusion.

10、A good lead-in part should be______.