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1、Grammy Award is an award presented by The Recording Academy to recognize achievements in the _____ industry.

2、Mariah Carey's fiancé(未婚夫) persuaded her to keep the song “Hero” for herself.

3、Mariah received thousands of letters from fans telling her how they were inspired by the song “Hero”.

4、"Hero" has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It means RIAA gave Mariah Carey a record made of platinum.

5、Which one is the correct spelling of the word that can be translated as “冠军”?

6、What does the word “catchy” mean?

7、"We Are the Champions" is a song by Queen and was the theme song of the 1994 World Cup.

8、"We Are the Champions" is regarded as a popular anthem used during sport events.

9、The song “Hey Jude” was performed at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

10、“The minute you let her under your skin, then you begin to make it better.” Which one of the following can’t be used to replace “the minute” in the sentence?
    B、the moment

11、If you let someone down, you ______ them.

12、What does “R&B” mean?

13、What does the phrase “drift apart” mean in the lyrics “Are you sorry we drifted apart”?

14、He would rather ____ than ____surrender to the enemy.
    A、die, surrender
    B、to die, to surrender
    C、to die, surrender
    D、die, to surrender

15、She has the window open, _____ cold it is outside.

16、____ decision he made I would support it.

17、If only tears ____ laughter.


1、The movie "Titanic" was a(an)____________film.

2、Who was known for the integration of choral and electronic elements?
    A、James Horner
    B、James Cameron
    D、Will Jennings

3、The song "My Heart Will Go On" was played by_________.
    B、Scotland bagpipe

4、Fill in the gaps with the correct word. One_____time I hold to in my life we'll always go on.

5、The title of the song shows a sense of _________.

6、How many times does the theme song appear in the film?

7、What is the main meaning of the phrase"go on"?
    B、go away

8、Does this song speak highly of humanity?

9、we have no alternative but to _______.
    A、go with
    B、go up
    C、go off
    D、go on

10、Somewhere, in a state __________ that country is a suburb that has a collapsing ruin towering over it.
    B、far across
    C、far away
    D、far be it from

11、Whitney Houston's version of this song is a ______of Dolly Parton's version.

12、How does the singer feel?

13、The style of this song is ballad.

14、Pick up the best variant of the topic of the song.
    A、Saying good-bye
    B、Telling somebody about love

15、What does the woman wish to her lover?

16、The lyrics are the same in Whitney Houston's version and Dolly Parton's version of this song.

17、Huston recorded this song for the movie__________.
    B、The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
    C、Mission: Impossible
    D、The Bodyguard

18、The song first reached number one in 1974, with Dolly Parton's re-recording on the soundtrack of the movie version of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

19、My grandmother is losing her_______.

20、Mouth organ is the same name of ______.

21、This song was actually written by______.
    A、Little Big Town
    B、Tom Hiddleston
    C、Taylor Swift
    D、Calvin Harris

22、This song is a kind of _______song.

23、This song is about someone__________ .
    A、who cheats his girlfriend
    B、breaking up with a man who was not good

24、Swift has officially confirmed who 'Better Man' was.

25、she came back carrying a ____tray.

26、The lyrics in the song are__________.

27、Some temporary workers did not want a ______job.

28、It was ____of you to speak in front of all those people.

29、Insecurity is the root of _____. If you are secure with yourself and your relationships, you have nothing to worry about.

30、Success in sport is a source of national_______.

31、Match the words below with their definitions. 1. dance floor_____; 2. unsure_______.
    A、a person who behaves in a silly way without thinking
    B、a special place where you can dance
    C、no certain or having doubts
    D、a pleasant feeling of being relaxed and free from pain

32、The lyrics in this song are _________.
    E、out of context

33、Which word has the meaning of "to behave in a dishonest way"?

34、Which word means "a pleasant feeling of being relaxed and free from pain"?

35、George Michael wrote this song by himself.

36、Careless Whisper only has one version.

37、This song is about a man who feels guilty in the relationship with two women at the same time.

38、Which word means "speaking very quietly, using the breath but not the voice, so that only the person close to you can hear you "

39、They fought a long battle against prejudice and ________.

40、It was his _____conscience that made him offer to help.

41、Something is a song by The Beatles, written by______.
    A、John Lennon
    B、George Harrison
    C、Paul MacCartney
    D、George Michael

42、The song has been covered by over 150 artists including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet, and Shirley Bassey.

43、Something is the most covered Beatle's song.

44、Listen to the song. What is the tone of the song?

45、This song is considered to be one of the best love songs written by the Beatles.

46、What is the meaning of the word"attract"?______
    A、to make someone interested in sth, or make them want to take part in sth
    B、always busy doing things

47、Which word has the meaning of "try to gain the love of someone, especially with a view to marriage"?

48、________a while and see what develops.
    A、Stick to
    B、Stick in
    C、Stick around
    D、Stick on


1、Bob Dylan was the first musician of his genre to win the Nobel Prize for Peace.

2、Bob Dylan's songs are influenced by the poets of _____________ and the____________movement.

3、Rhetorical questions are questions for which the answer is obvious or already known. It is used to make the readers think.

4、Michael Jackson is regarded as "King of the Rock n' Roll".

5、The charity organization, “Heal the World Foundation”, was designed to improve the lives of minority group.

6、In which part does Michael Jackson portrays the religious aspect ?
    A、Verse 2
    C、Bridge section
    D、Verse 3

7、which of the following incidents happened in the 1970s?
    A、The Vietnam War
    B、The Cold War
    C、The creation of the sovereign nation of Bangladesh
    D、Racial issues were still present in the US.

8、John Lennon was an American singer, songwriter and peace activist.

9、In the line "Imagine there's no countries", country refers to "border".

10、Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE about the song "London Calling"?
    A、It is a song by the successful British punk rock band the Clash.
    B、The song is known for its reggag bass lines and punk electric guitar.
    C、The song is of high-energy tune.
    D、It is only about the issue of Vietnam War.

11、Spiky mohawk and leather jacket are the typical looking of a Punker.

12、Which of the following lyrics reveal the topic of drugh use?
    A、zombies of death
    B、nodding out
    C、we ain’t got no high
    D、somebody has yellowy eyes

13、Which of the following title is given to the song "People get ready"?
    A、No.3 on the Billboard R&B Chart.
    B、No. 14 on the Billboard Pop Chart.
    C、24th greatest song of all time.
    D、No.20 on their list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks.

14、Martin Luther King Jr. named "People Get Ready" the unofficial anthem of the Vietnam War.


1、In 1963, the US president was assassinated.
    A、Richard M. Nixon
    B、Gerald Ford
    C、John F. Kennedy
    D、Jimmy Carter

2、Which of the following company did Simon and Garfunkel sign a contract with?
    A、Columbia Records company
    B、Rock Records company
    C、Warner Music Group
    D、Sony Music

3、The song "The Sound of Silence"was used in the movie .
    A、The Sound of Music
    B、The Graduate
    C、The Ghost
    D、Forrest Gump

4、The aim of the song "The Sound of silence is to .
    A、ask people to communicate with others with their hearts
    B、keep silent in the modern world
    C、be aware of the spread of cancer
    D、believe in the Neon God

5、What does the word "vision"mean in the Lyrics of "The Sound of Silence"?
    B、visible thing

6、The song "The Sound of Silence"is divided into verses.

7、The word "halo"in "The Sound of Silence" means .
    B、bright circle

8、The lines "People talking without speaking,People hearing without listening" in "The Sound of Silence" intend to convey that .
    A、people do not have the ability to listen or speak
    B、they do not communicate with others well
    C、people want to talk but could not speak
    D、Some people are disabled

9、Simon and Garfunkel formed a duo,that means .
    A、they are brothers
    B、they share the same hobby
    C、they sing songs together
    D、they have the same pursuit

10、The word "neon"is transliterated into Chinese 霓虹,so the word "transliterate" means .
    A、translate by the word's pronunciation
    B、give the definition of one word
    C、transform the meaning of one word into another
    D、explain a word's meaning with diverse examples

11、Which band created the song "My Generation"?
    A、The Eagles
    B、The Who
    C、The Carpenters
    D、Back Street Boy

12、"My Generation"belongs to .
    A、country music
    B、nostalgia music
    C、rock music

13、Who was the soul person of the band "The Who".

14、What was the feature of their performance?

15、The song "My Generation"illustrates the younger generation's feeling in .

16、The phrase "put down"in the song "My Generation"means .
    A、Look down upon
    D、depend on

17、The song "My Generation"expresses the younger generation's feeling toward the elders.

18、The phrase"get around"has a special meaning in the song "My generation",that is .

19、The singer Townshend once broke his in a concert.

20、The drummer Keith died after the release of the Album .
    A、Who Are You
    B、My Generation
    D、Heal the World

21、The song "Like a Rolling Stone"was composed and sang by .
    A、Michael Jackson
    B、Bob Dylan

22、Which of the following songs does not belong to Dylan's works?
    A、Like a Rolling Stone
    B、Blowing in the Wind
    C、The Times They Are a-Changin
    D、My Generation

23、What does the song "like a Rolling Stone"mainly talk about?
    A、Civil rights movement
    B、People's life after the Second World War
    C、Sneering at a woman who came down in the world
    D、1960's political environment

24、"A rolling stone"was explained as .
    A、a stone that is rolling
    B、a tramp
    C、a disrespectable woman
    D、a precious stone

25、The song "Like a Rolling Stone"was composed in .

26、What does the phrase"in one's prime"mean?
    A、The most important time
    B、One's best time

27、Miss Lonely in the song "Like a Rolling Stone" was once .

28、If a woman is called a "doll",she may feel .

29、The song "Like a Rolling Stone"was created under the background of .
    A、The Second World War
    B、Civil Rights Movement
    C、The assasination of Kennedy
    D、Middle-East War

30、The word "a chrome horse"means a .
    A、real horse

31、The song "What's going on"was a piece of .
    A、rock music
    B、classical music
    C、soul music
    D、R&B music

32、Marvin Gaye was an important member of the .
    A、Motown company
    B、Sony Inco.
    D、Columbia music

33、Marvin Gaye was titled as .
    A、The father of rock
    B、The prince of soul
    C、The pioneer of country music
    D、The leader of new music

34、The song was first inspired by the incident .
    A、Bloody Thursday
    B、Bloody Monday
    C、Bloody Sunday
    D、Bloody Wednesday

35、The song "What's going on"was also intended to oppose the war in .

36、In the lyrics of the song "What's going on",the word "mother"actually refers to .
    A、mothers whose sons were sent to vietnam
    B、the mother of the singer
    C、mothers in the battlefield
    D、mothers who were protesting

37、The does the line"War is not the answer"in the song "What's going on"actually mean.
    A、War can not solve anything
    B、The answer for the war is America's benefit
    C、We could not get any answer from the war
    D、War is not the answer for peace and love

38、The word "brothers"actually refers to the .
    A、brothers of the singer
    B、brothers of American leaders
    C、people who protest the war
    D、people being sent to vietnam

39、The word "fathers"actually refers to the .
    A、father of the singer
    B、father of the soldiers
    C、American leaders

40、The song "What's going on"was not a protest song but a song .
    A、that call up people to unite
    B、about love and understanding
    C、which indicate the darkness of the US government
    D、that expose the real condition in vietnam

41、The Eagles was formed in the .

42、The members of the Eagles are good at combining .
    A、country music and blues
    B、rock and blues
    C、country music and rock
    D、soul music and rock

43、The song "Hotel California"was composed to reveal the .
    A、darkness in American hotels
    B、degrading way of life
    C、social problems in California
    D、situations of the rockers

44、The most wonderful part of the song "Hotel California"is .
    A、the solo part
    B、the playing of guitars
    C、the melody
    D、the lyrics

45、Who was the lead singer of the song "Hotel California"?
    A、Don Henley
    B、Glenn Frey
    C、Bernie Leadon
    D、Randy Meisner

46、What do the words "mission bell"mean in the lyrics of "Hotel California"?
    A、The church bell
    B、The bell for rescue mission
    C、The school bell
    D、The bell of ambulance

47、The brand Tiffany equals the word .

48、What does the word "spirit"mean in the song "Hotel California"?

49、Which event could be considered as the peak of rock and roll spirit?
    A、1988 Olympic Games
    B、Berlin Music Festival
    C、Woodstock Rock Festival
    D、Fuji Rock and Roll festival

50、What does the verse "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave" mean?
    A、The singer didn't have the money to pay for the fee.
    B、It was midnight that the singer should n't leave the hotel.
    C、The singer could never get rid of the temptation in the hotel.
    D、The nightman in the hotel called the police so the singer was not allowed to leave.